Kristin Daher, President & Chief Storyteller of Powerhouse Communications

As a CSUF alumni myself, I may be a little biased but, I seem to lean towards CSUF PRSSA students when hiring. Being that I personally went through the CSUF communications program, I know firsthand how outstanding it is.

I love that CSUF PR courses are taught by talented professionals, many of whom are active practitioners allowing students to learn from their relevant, real world experiences vs. focusing 100% on a textbook. And, after staying in touch with many of my college professors, I know that the curriculum has only improved since I graduated from the program in 2005.

PRSSA is a fantastic organization, but I’m impressed with the CSUF Chapter in particular. CSUF PRSSA provides an unparalleled experience for those who are interested in being as prepared as possible once they graduate. PRSSA offers opportunities above and beyond what any class can deliver. And those who actively participate are coming to the table with more than a degree. The fact that PRSSA members choose to take advantage of the resources available to them, to really make the most of their college career, shows a great deal of dedication to their personal and professional growth. I’m even more impressed by students who take on active roles in PRSSA, on the board or through chair positions, because it shows they are willing to take on more responsibility. I’d say the experience gained in PRSSA is equivalent to an impressive internship, and I love that. This gives them an edge in my book.

When hiring, I’ve found that PRSSA students are typically more prepared for job and internship interviews, arriving early with portfolios and a basic knowledge of professional expectations. Networking is also a huge advantage of joining PRSSA. Through the many programs, members can interact with PR professionals and keep in touch. Having a good rapport with PR pros also gives you an edge when it comes to hiring. The students who stand out make the effort to keep in touch with me because they understand the importance of networking and that connections made, especially when you’re starting out, may lead to an internship or job opportunity.

So, why do I like to hire members of CSUF PRSSA? The students who I’ve had the pleasure of working with are confident, enthusiastic and have an eagerness to grow and learn. I felt comfortable in my decisions to hire CSUF PRSSA members because I knew they were willing to go the extra mile and had a strong work ethic. These qualities are valuable in any professional career, but even more so in the fast-paced agency setting. Keep in mind that Communications is a popular field of study at many schools, producing tons of graduates each semester. Consider them all to be your direct competition, vying for the same jobs as you are. What will make employers notice you while they’re weeding through countless entry-level applications? For me, candidates involved in PRSSA have an edge because I already know they won’t settle for the bare minimum. It also shows in their quality of work, which is why I can confidently say that hiring CSUF PRSSA students has really paid off.

So, do yourself a favor and take advantage of what CSUF PRSSA has to offer. Your future self will thank you!

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About Kristin Daher: 

Headquartered in Orange County, Powerhouse Communications is a creative PR agency offering a wide scope of media relations, social media and strategic branding services. Powerhouse specializes in the restaurant segment, having represented clients including Del Taco, Panda Express, Wienerschnitzel, Pieology and Juice It Up! As the agency president, Kristin is equally focused on the creative and strategic elements of the agency’s work while providing a unique level of attention and service to each and every client. Along with her quick wit and outgoing personality, Kristin brings over a decade of public relations experience in the restaurant, franchise, lifestyle, and hospitality segments. No stranger to the fast pace and dynamic nature of the agency work-style, Kristin has kept her clients at the forefront of both traditional and new media while helping to shape brand reputations. Between running the agency, creating a high-energy environment for her employees, and overseeing strategic planning, she loves to pitch her heart out on behalf of agency clients.