Welcome back to the start of another academic year! The start of a new year can be overwhelming, especially for someone who has just started their college journey. We’ve all gone through it before: the uncertainty, excitement and curiosity that surrounds starting classes

     How do you get involved and get the most out of your college experience? What should you join? These questions aren’t exclusively for first year students, but for anyone that wants to enjoy and excel in their college career.

With that said, here are the top 5 reasons YOU should join PRSSA this upcoming year:

Reason #1: Making Worthwhile Connections

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PRSSA is a place where you can meet other people that are ready to start their career and taking the steps to do so. Chances are many of our members will be hitting similar milestones or will be able to offer each other advice. Getting to meet others with familiar end goals as you serves as a foundation for a strong friendship. Everything’s better with a friend!

Reason #2: Countless Career Opportunities

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It’s no secret that PRSSA is full of exclusive opportunities for its members! We host bi-weekly panels, agency tours and mixers for our members to take full advantage of. Additionally, PRSSA has an internship database that is always being updated for our members to find their next internship to boost their experience level. 

Reason #3: Volunteering Opportunities

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Did you know that PRSSA also links its members with volunteering opportunities in relevant industries? Many of our members have worked red carpets, starred in photoshoots for local companies, worked music events and so much more! Working these kinds of events can be your opening to gaining connections in the industries that you want to build a career in.

Reason #4: OC PRSA Discount for Graduating Seniors

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Being a PRSSA member means you are eligible for a discounted OC PRSA membership after graduation! The Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) is the parent organization to PRSSA and home to a multitude of events, mixers and major opportunities to take your career to the next level. PRSSA members get a major discount for their OC PRSA membership their first year, so it is recommended you take full advantage of all the perks and benefits available!

Reason #5: The Certificate of PR

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     The Certificate of PR is a certificate that can be earned by taking an exam either 6 months before or after graduating that shows your determination and knowledge of all things PR. This certificate helps you stand out among other recent graduates going into the same job market and is only offered through a PRSSA membership. CSUF currently has a 100% pass rate since implementing the program which has been heavily vouched for by faculty and alumni that have taken it!