There is a wide variety of skills that different professions require especially in the world of PR.  Hard skills are technical and teachable whereas soft skills are interpersonal and known as “people skills”. Presenting a balance of hard and soft skills appears to make you a more well-rounded applicant and grab attention to your resume. Here are some hard and soft skills that are needed now more than ever in the public relations industry.

1. Communication

Good communication skills seem like a pretty obvious trait to have considering public relations involves a great deal of it. Presenting a clear image of what you are trying to share and express to an audience is important in building a brand or company. The material you’re producing in the field needs to be easily understood by the reader through the medium. Your work must be engaging and intriguing to the reader. Communication skills are also valuable to have in the workplace when it comes to collaboration and teamwork. 

2. Social Media Knowledge

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Knowledge of social platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are especially important today with the growing use of social media. Understanding the different algorithms of these socials can help when deciding strategies on how to appeal to the brand’s audience. Being conscious of the type of content that followers or supporters respond well to and engage with can better help plan for future posts or inspire new ideas. Now that social media has taken over this generation, it is important that you are knowledgeable and have a basic understanding of how it works. 

3. Photoshop/Video Editing Skills

In the realm of PR, it is becoming more crucial to have knowledge in video or photo editing. Editing programs such as Adobe Photoshop or Final Cut Pro are used in a wide range of media today, from Instagram stories to ads on Twitter. Having the ability to create an image or video that is both interesting and captures the viewers’ attention is crucial for audience interaction. Experience with these programs can help you stand out.

4. Creative and Critical Thinking

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Being able to solve problems and think outside of the box is essential. When a problem arises, to have the skills to remain calm and find a solution to the situation at hand is a valuable skill to have. Creativity is also needed in PR to come up with different ideas on how to make the brand’s products or ideas stand out from competitors. Companies are looking for individuals to bring something new to the table. 

5. Relationship-building skills

Although some might not think relationship building is a measurable hard skill, it can be by the number of connections you make throughout your career. Building strong relationships and networking with coworkers, managers or employees from different companies can greatly benefit your work in PR. You will be able to bring in new ideas and opinions as well as build trust with other connections. Building these relationships in your profession can lead to new career opportunities or open new doors to other positions that you are interested in. It’s vital that you start building your network of people as early as you can. 

There are many ways to practice or learn these skills from college classes to YouTube videos. The more you are able to expand and practice on these skills, you’ll not only be prepared for a career in PR but also stand out amongst many other applicants.

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