Fall 2020 Committees

Interested in joining a committee? Sign-ups begin at our kick-off event on September 2, 2020!

Digital Communications Committee

Members of the Digital Communications Committee will gain valuable experience in Social Media, Marketing, and Website Design. Those who desire to join are expected to have a strong dedication and passion for content creation. Each member is expected to dedicate at least an hour to three hours per week to learn about strategies and ways to increase traffic to all social media platforms. This committee is based heavily on content creation, content calendar, graphics, photography (you do not need a professional camera), engagement with all Social Media Platforms, and Digital Art.

Application directly for Digital Communications Committee: click here

Contact Carmela Velasquez at carmelavelasquez@csu.fullerton.edu if you any questions or concerns.

Outreach Committee

The Outreach Committee is a group of dedicated members who help our chapter grow in size and strength. By working closely with the VP of Outreach and the rest of the Executive Board, committee members will have the opportunity to learn the precision of pitching, how to network with working professionals and to best reach out and connect. In a virtual setting, members will learn to spread the word about PRSSA in various ways from making video pitches, pitching to virtual classrooms, and sending out pitches through emails.

Committee members will gain valuable experience in public speaking, networking, budgeting, and time management. The hardest thing for students to learn is to just reach out, and that’s what this committee is all about!

Application interest form: click here

Contact Rhett Rivera if you are interested at rhett_rivera@csu.fullerton.edu.

Events Committee

Have a passion for planning or love to know every single detail before an event? Members of the Events Committee will have the opportunity to gain organizational skills, proficiency in Microsoft applications like Excel, and have insight on the internal functions at a leadership level. They will learn how to bring together a cohesive event, run social media campaigns, and use PR skills to assist other positions. They will also learn to engage and connect all the members in the PRSSA chapter through a virtual environment.

Application interest form: click here

Contact Emma Rowell if you are interested at emmaroserowell@gmail.com.

Professional Development Committee

Members of the Professional Development Committee will gain hands-on experience to enhance and broaden their network. As a committee member, you will be responsible for helping the VP of Professional Development research future panelists for future events. Members will also help come up with questions by doing research on professionals and companies to facilitate discussion. There will also be an opportunity for creativity by designing slideshows for panels that include panelists’ information.

This is a great opportunity for those interested in improving their networking skills as you will have direct interaction with all professionals and have the opportunity to connect with them personally.

Application interest form: click here

Contact Elyssa Ruiz if you are interested at elyssaruiz99@gmail.com.

Sponsorship & Fundraising Committee

Members of the sponsorship and fundraising committee will have the opportunity to reach out to professionals, local businesses, and major companies to offer incentives to donate to our PALS program. The committee will assist with creating the PALS campaign for the school year of 2020- 2021. Within this year our committee members will learn how to create and execute a professional campaign to receive more donors for our program. This is a great opportunity to gain real world experience in dealing with professionals.

Application interest form: click here

Contact Vicky Hernandez if you are interested at vickyhernandez@csu.fullerton.edu.