Interested in joining a committee? Sign-ups begin at our kick-off event on September 4, 2020 at theTSU Theater!

Vice President Committee

Members of the Vice President Committee will help research internships, reach out to public relations agencies and corporations to build internship connections, as well as help with the planning and execution of our Spring Excursion event. Members will also assist in the internal logistics of the organization, as well as networking opportunities at OC PRSA events. Along with working with the organization, members will work with the international team at the Maxwell Center to help promote study abroad opportunities.

Contact Gabby Flores if you are interested at

Outreach Committee

The Outreach committee is a group of dedicated members who help our chapter grow in size and strength. From tabling at DiscoverFest to visiting other campuses, our goal is to spread the word about PRSSA and its many opportunities. By working closely with the VP of Outreach and the rest of the Executive Board, committee members will have the opportunity to learn the precision of pitching, how to network with working professionals and to best reach out and connect.  

Committee members will gain valuable experience in public speaking, networking, budgeting, and time management. The hardest thing for students to learn is to just reach out, and that’s what this committee is all about!

Contact Giselle Gallegos if you are interested at

Administration Committee

Have an eye for detail or love when there’s a place for everything and everything is in its place?  Members of the administration committee will have the opportunity to gain organizational skills, proficiency in Microsoft applications like Excel, and have insight on the internal functions at a leadership level.  They will meet and greet all the members in the PRSSA chapter through event check ins and assist the Vice President of Administration in other tasks.

Contact Cristina Villalpando if you are interested at .


University Relations Committee

Members of the University Relations Committee will learn valuable insights in working with the College of Communication and the Communications Inter-Club Council. The committee will learn about the steps taken to work with CICC and its logistics. Committee members will have an opportunity to attend weekly CICC meetings where they will learn about how PRSSA interacts with CICC and the other communication clubs/organizations. The committee will observe CICC’s involvement with National Conference. They will also assist in setting up the food provided for PRSSA meetings and will work closely with the Vice President of University Relations.

Contact Garrett Vile if you are interested at

Professional Development Committee

Members of the Professional Development Committee will gain hands-on experience to enhance and broaden their network.  As a committee member, you will be responsible for helping the VP’s of Professional Development research professionals for future events.  Members will also assist with greeting and hosting guest speakers for our events.  

This is a great opportunity for those interested in improving their networking skills as you will have direct interaction with all professionals and have the opportunity to attend PRSA events and mixers accompanied by the VP’s.

Contact Sammi Rocco if you are interested at

Sponsorship & Fundraising Committee

Members of the sponsorship committee will have the opportunity to reach out to professionals, local businesses, and major companies to offer incentives to sponsor PRSSA. The committee will assist with events held by sponsors, and assist in researching potential sponsors. As a part of this committee, you will help brainstorm possible sponsors and maintain relationships with current sponsors.

Contact Kayla Fernandez if you’re interested at