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Sept. 4                Fall KickoffDiscoverfest Day 1

Sept. 5               Discoverfest Day 2

Sept. 18              Lifestyle PR: How Cool Brands Stay Hot

Oct. 2                  Elevator Pitch: Small Message, Big Impact

Oct. 18-22          International Conference: Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina

Oct. 23               Fashion & Beauty: Masterclass of Branding and Culture

Nov. 13               Entertainment: Meet the Industry

Blog Posts


Membership Highlight: Shakirah Mohamed

What is your name, age, and major? My name is Shakirah Mohamed, I am 24 years old, and my major is Communications - Public Relations. How many years have you been at CSUF? I am actually a transfer student at CSUF and transferred…

Membership Highlight: Guadalupe

What is your name, year and major? My name is Guadelope Cortez. I am a third year Communications major with an emphasis in Public Relations.  What sparked your interest in the PR field? The way I first got introduced to PR was…

Corporate vs. Agency Public Relations

During last week’s PRSSA President’s Panel, many of our guest speakers touched on their experiences working in an agency and  corporate public relations. While both paths offer amazing benefits, what are the key differences that set…

Member Highlight: Emily Reisburg

What is your name, age, and major? My name is Emily Reisberg, I am 22 years old, and my major is Communications with an emphasis in public relations.  How many years have you been at CSUF? This is only my second semester so less…

Membership Highlight: Vicky Hernandez

Let’s start with your name and what year you’re in? My name is Vicky Hernandez, and I’m a third year here at Cal State Fullerton. How did you hear about PRSSA? I heard about PRSSA through the board members. Danny and Giselle…

PR 360 workshop

On January 31st, CSUF PRSSA members had the opportunity to attend a PR workshop hosted by our sponsors Global Results Communications in Orange County.  Global Results Communications is an award-winning, top tier international tech PR…

Social Media in PR by: Priyanka Jain

Social media has had a significant impact on the PR world. It has eliminated the barrier between a firm and the public to address questions, comments and concerns. Not only has it been influential in maintaining a brand’s reputation, but…

Meet our Faculty Advisor

Hi! Could you tell me a little about yourself? What positions do you hold in and out of CSUF? I actually have three positions in and out of CSUF. I am a full time lecturer at CSUF, and the PRSSA faculty advisor. Besides this, I run a public…

Membership Highlight: Jennifer

What is your age, name, and major? My name is Jennifer Sierra, I’m 21, and my major is PR How many years have you been at CSUF? This is my fourth year. I came in as a freshman. How did you hear about PRSSA? I was walking around…

Social Media

Shoutout to @csufprssa students who are lending their communications skills to help support Orange County businesses impacted by COVID-19. You are putting your knowledge to work and making such a positive impact across your community! >>

I love this story! Check out how @csufprssa is using their student-run #PR agency [@CSUFPRAD] to develop communication campaigns for local businesses struggling amid the COVID-19 pandemic: #socialmedia #crisiscommunications

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Who’s the VP of Administration? Priyanka Jain! She is ecstatic to showcase her organizational skills through her position and keep PRSSA’s records up to date.

Fun Facts about Priyanka:

1) She is a second-year at CSUF, majoring in Public Relations with a minor in French.
2) She joined PRSSA during her first semester of college which helped her find a sense of community.
3) Priyanka has been a part of the Outreach committee for PRSSA.
4) She loves listening to music, traveling, and exploring new restaurants in LA.
5) She hopes to incorporate her passions and hobbies into her career in the future.
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DID YOU KNOW? PRSSA was founded in 1968. That same year, Robert E. Rayfield founded the CSUF PRSSA chapter, becoming one of the first official chapters.

CSUF PRSSA has retained the highest memberships on the West Coast and continues to grow every year, providing educational and networking opportunities to better understand the PR industry for its members.

Learn more about member benefits and become a member today through the link!
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I spy our VP of Outreach, Rhett Rivera! Rhett is excited to be the VP of Outreach because he loves giving speeches and meeting new people, which is what outreach is all about for him.

Learn more about Rhett:

1) Rhett is a senior at Cal State Fullerton majoring in PR.
2) When he's not focusing on his studies, you'll find him reading, jogging, or playing chess while listening to Joe Rogan.
3) He's passionate about eating healthy and expressing himself creatively through film and writing.
4) He hopes to implement these passions into a future job once he finds a company that aligns with his interests and values.
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