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Sept. 2               Discoverfest Day 1 /  Fall Kickoff

Sept. 3               Discoverfest Day 2

Sept. 16             Diversity & Inclusion: Urgency for Diverse Work Environments

Sept. 30             Influencer Relations: Finding the Right Fit

Oct. 14               Personal Branding: Marketing Yourself to Employers

Nov. 11              Fashion and Beauty: Creativity at its Finest

Blog Posts

3 Ways to Effectively Use LinkedIn

These days, everyone in the business world seems to be using LinkedIn.  Professionals use it to land jobs, recruiters use it to scout employees, and others use it to strengthen their brand image.   Regardless of how you are…

3 Ways to Develop Your Network Virtually

While nothing quite beats connecting with people in person over a cup of coffee, the global pandemic means we have to adapt.  On the bright side, digital networking is a necessary skill, and now you have no excuse to neglect it. …

4 Essential Skills Needed to Thrive in PR

1. Networking Ability As any PR professional will tell you, it’s not always about what you know as much as it’s about who you know.  Some studies have even shown that up to 85% of critical jobs are filled through networking1.…

Membership Highlight: Shakirah Mohamed

What is your name, age, and major? My name is Shakirah Mohamed, I am 24 years old, and my major is Communications - Public Relations. How many years have you been at CSUF? I am actually a transfer student at CSUF and transferred…

Membership Highlight: Guadalupe

What is your name, year and major? My name is Guadelope Cortez. I am a third year Communications major with an emphasis in Public Relations.  What sparked your interest in the PR field? The way I first got introduced to PR was…

Corporate vs. Agency Public Relations

During last week’s PRSSA President’s Panel, many of our guest speakers touched on their experiences working in an agency and  corporate public relations. While both paths offer amazing benefits, what are the key differences that set…

Member Highlight: Emily Reisburg

What is your name, age, and major? My name is Emily Reisberg, I am 22 years old, and my major is Communications with an emphasis in public relations.  How many years have you been at CSUF? This is only my second semester so less…

Membership Highlight: Vicky Hernandez

Let’s start with your name and what year you’re in? My name is Vicky Hernandez, and I’m a third year here at Cal State Fullerton. How did you hear about PRSSA? I heard about PRSSA through the board members. Danny and Giselle…

PR 360 workshop

On January 31st, CSUF PRSSA members had the opportunity to attend a PR workshop hosted by our sponsors Global Results Communications in Orange County.  Global Results Communications is an award-winning, top tier international tech PR…

Social Media

“[Diversity] is something that we have always looked into.. our brand is made to make you stand out. We incorporate many body types, races, and religious backgrounds and we want to maintain a wide audience.” - Taylor Tate

“It is just as important to take those days off than it is to work because that is when your creativity is fueled.” -Sam Hwang

“At the end of the day, we have a platform for a that influence to the community.” - Taylor Tate

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Cal State Fullerton PRSSA
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Join us today to learn about the intricacies of influencer relations and marketing at our Influencer Relations panel! Zoom link in our bio to join. #PRSSA #csufprssa #commprssa #CSUF #csuforgs #PR ... See MoreSee Less

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It's never to late for back to school shopping... here is an excuse to go shopping again! Rep your favorite chapter by wearing some fun merch! Merch is limited, so stay tuned for the merch drop! #csufprssa #PRSSA #commcsuf #PR #CSUF #csuforgs ... See MoreSee Less

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