Membership Benefits

Networking With Your Peers

Network, learn, and interact with members from around the country at events including International Conference, Leadership Assembly, and District Conferences.

Access to Scholarships

Over $30,000 in scholarships and awards are offered to PRSSA members each year.

Professional Publications

Subscriptions to the monthly Strategies & Tactics newspaper, Issues & Trends daily email, and Progressions national blog.

National Competitions

The annual Bateman competition gives you the opportunity to work with high-profile clients and compete against other chapters for the ultimate real-world experience!

Leadership Opportunities

Gain valuable leadership skills and national visibility by running for office on the PRSSA National Committee.


Access valuable PRSA webinars throughout the year.

MyPRSA Portal

Gain access to the national internship center, register for webinars, and more.

Champions for PRSSA

Access to a directory to connect with a network of professionals dedicated to supporting PRSSA members and your education.

PRSA Job Center

Browse career resources and search for job opportunities across the nation.

PRSSA Internship Center

Get job-hunting times, upload your resume, and find the most recent internship opportunities nationwide.

Special PRSA Associate Membership Pricing

PRSSA members can join PRSA and get connected to 20,000 public relations and communications professionals as an associate member for only $60/year.

PRSA New Professionals Section

Connect with other PR and communications professionals who have been in the industry less than five years.

Certificate in Principles of Public Relations

Become certified in the principles of public relations and your first year of dues in National PRSA and the Orange County PRSA chapter will be paid for.


Local CSUF PRSSA Membership Benefits



Did you know, 80% of internships and jobs are already filled before they are posted? Our strong alumni program and connections with public relations agencies and corporations across the nation help publish exclusive internships for members before they are publicly posted.  Members receive access to our password-secured internship database managed by our Vice President. 

Titan Public Relations

CSUF PRSSA’s student-run firm is dedicated to preparing students in the public relations world. Titan Public Relations provides endless opportunities for members who want to boost their resume with real client experience, are looking to fill their portfolios, and looking to network with executives and make potential career connections.

Titan Public Relations works pro-bono for clients. This includes social media management, writing press material, hosting events and working red carpet events. Titan Public Relations meets Tuesdays from 1-3PM and comprise of workshops targeting specific skills sets applicable to client work and are vital to handling public relations in the real world.

Visit Titan PR’s website here:


Want to take your membership to a leadership level? Joining a committee helps you develop your leadership skills and boosts your resume. Certain executive board members offer committees to help you gain hands-on experience.


CSUF PRSSA members receive a discount to all OCPRSA and LAPRSA events. These events are hosted by the professional chapter that members join after they graduate. Why attend these events? Our members have networked with the professionals at these events and received full-time careers and internships.

Facebook Alumni Group

Receive access to our exclusive Facebook Group where we post job listings, internships, exclusive events and reminders. Already a member? Join the group here.

After graduation, members can join the PRSSA alumni page managed by our Professional Adviser Matt Prince, PR & Brand Manager at Taco Bell Headquarters.

National Conference

PRSSA National Conference is the largest 5-day gathering of public relations students in the country. National Conference will give you the opportunity to network while learning and exploring different sections of the public relations industry.  When you come to Conference, be prepared to learn from students and professionals, develop invaluable skills, and explore the wonderful city it is hosted in.

As we remind all our members, what you put in is what you’ll get out of PRSSA. Proactive members get the internships and full-time careers!