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Giselle Gallegos



Giselle Gallegos is a fourth year, first-generation student majoring in both Communications-Public Relations and American Studies. She maintains a high level of involvement with her on-campus community.

Giselle first joined CSUF PRSSA her second year and has remained an active member ever since. She began her involvement on the committee level, joining both the Outreach Committee and Hospitality Committee for the 2019 International Conference. Wanting to further her involvement, she ran for the Vice President of Outreach in Spring 2019 and subsequently won the position. Throughout her term, she strived to make members feel at home with PRSSA and encouraged new members to join and invest in their future. She also took on the role of Account Executive at Titan Public Relations alongside that of VP of Outreach her third year.

Giselle was elected President in Spring 2020 and is currently holding the position for the 2020-2021 school year. Her goals for the organization are to continue providing resources and opportunities for students to aid their career and professional development, encourage member engagement and maintain CSUF PRSSA as an innovative chapter.


  • Camp Titan Counselor
  • Communications Commission Coordinator Associated Students Inc.
  • Former 2019-20202 Vice President of Outreach for CSUF PRSSA
  • CSUF PRSSA Committees: Outreach & Hospitality for 2019 International Conference


  • Shift Supervisor at Starbucks
  • Account Executive at Titan Public Relations

Favorite Quote:

“This too shall pass.”