Emma Rowell




Emma is a fourth year student currently attending Cal State University, Fullerton. She is studying Communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and a Minor in Women’s Studies. After graduating she hope to work in public relations for a non-profit organization that focuses on social justice. She is currently the President of CSUF PRSSA, following her position as VP of Events. She enjoys camping at National Parks, creating digital art, and hiking. She is passionate about women’s issues, and diversity and inclusion.


I was first involved with Titan Public Relations for two years. I started off as an Account Coordinator for our firm itself, rebranding our social channels and Website utilizing Wix software. Myself and my team worked to create a new logo that was consistent with our image, as well as upgrading each of our social platforms. After working on TPR as a client, I worked as an Account Coordinator for PRSSA as an organization. My team and I helped with the launch and promotion of the (then) new sponsorship program, PALS, which allows outside organizations and individuals to support and invest in PRSSA and its’ members. We worked alongside the VP of Sponsorships and Fundraising to engage with both the local community, and members directly. I was then honored to work as Account Executive for Love and Laughter, a family-owned recording studio based locally in Anaheim. I led the team as we created social media calendars, content, and a digital article about the family behind the business. This past year I served as VP of Events for CSUF PRSSA, going virtual my duties turned to focus on social media campaigns; I learned to work with Canva to create content that included both social topics and engaging campaigns to give our audience tangible tools. I also work personally with ProCreate, and have worked with small-business clients to make logos and other digital content for them.

Favorite Quote:

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” – Maya Angelou