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Emma Bramer, Vice President


Emma has been a member of PRSSA since Fall 2016. During her time as Vice President, she has created new opportunities for members, including personalized business cards for members who signed up for a full year to celebrate the CSUF PRSSA’s 50 anniversary. She also broke records in grad sash sales, selling over 60 sashes. Bramer has been dedicated to advancing the careers of members and ensuring that all members are satisfied with their benefits and comfortable while attending events. 

Outside of her position as Vice President, Bramer is also the Executive Director for Titan Public Relations-a student-run firm that is a member benefit of PRSSA. As Executive Director, Bramer manages the firm, finds clients and leads Account Executives and Account Coordinators during projects for clients. Bramer has also gained experience working in the Maxwell Center for International Communications and Media at CSUF. 

When not at school, Bramer works at Disney California Adventure Park as an Attractions Hostess on five different attractions. Her career with Disney has led her to accept a professional internship at The Walt Disney World Resort after graduation. 


  • Vice President at PRSSA
  • Regional Conference Logistics Director
  • Executive Director at Titan Public Relations
  • Account Executive at Titan Public Relations
  • Account Coordinator at Titan Public Relations
  • Liaison at Titan Public Relations
  • OCPRSA Gives Back


  • Maxwell Center for International Communications
  • Richard Nixon Foundation
  • The Voice Awards
  • Hollywood Music in Media Awards
  • Young Entertainer Awards

Favorite Quote:

"All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them.” - Walt Disney"