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Allison Thuang

My name is Allison Thuang and I am a fourth year PR major with a minor in business administration. My role as VP of finance is to keep the Chapter budget up-to-date, consult with our Chapter’s financials, and everything else related to our chapter’s finances. My future career goals include working in tech, finance, or in a corporate setting as a public relations or marketing professional.

With past experiences in public affairs, social media, event planning, and other leadership roles on campus, I bring a fresh perspective to the communications industry by integrating public relations and business management.


Influencer Marketing Intern at One Hour Agency


  • Social Media Intern at CSUF Department of Strategic Communications
  • VP of Finance of PRSSA
  • Public Affairs Intern at “No on the Recall” Campaign
  • Account Executive at Titan Public Relations
  • Account Coordinator at Titan Public Relations
  • Campaign Intern at Sharon Quirk-Silva for Assembly Campaign
  • Administrative Intern at 57th District Assembly Office
  • Events Coordinator at Association of InterCultural Awareness - ASI, Inc.
  • Student-at-Large at Association of InterCultural Awareness



  • The Voice Awards
  • Young Entertainers Award (YEA)
  • Teaching Assistant
  • Political Canvasser
  • Hollywood Music in Media Award
  • VOICE Awards


Favorite Quotes:

“A pessimist sees difficulty in every opportunity. An optimist sees opportunity in every difficulty.” – Winston Churchill

“Persevere.” – My friend Brianna whenever I tell her I’m stressed