Kevin Law

Vice President of Finance


Kevin is a fourth-year student at CSUF studying Communications with a concentration in Public Relations. He is committed to assisting the board members with budget planning and execution. He likes to do outdoor sports and enjoy nature and fine dining. He aspires to become a freelance travel writer.


  • Community and Campus Outreach Chair at Student Alumni Ambassadors (SAA)


Kevin has been with PRSSA for about a year. He attended professional panels and joined the Outreach Committee for a semester. He volunteered to promote PRSSA during CSUF Day. He also published a blog post to promote Spring Gala 2022. Kevin used to run a food store in Singapore and learned how to deal with the budget.

Favorite Quotes:

“You do not have to prove anything to anyone. It is wonderful to be alive, to be who you are, and to grow.” – Sadhguru