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Rachel Mayhew


Email me about any membership questions you might have, or if you’d like to know more about how PRSSA can help you with your academic or professional career!

I’m a transfer student from Citrus College, and I’ve worked hard to make the most out of my short time at CSUF. Being on the board for PRSSA has given me fantastic opportunities to get hands on experience working with an organization and networking. I have two AA Degrees, in Communications and in Language Arts, and I’m working towards my BA In Communications with a focus on Public Relations and a minor in Human Communication Studies. It may be cliché, but I really do just love working with people. As for my personal life, I’m from the 626, so I’m a boba fiend. I love going to hang out, eat and drink with my friends. I’m always taking Netflix recommendations, but every time I think about starting a new show I just end up watching “The Office” again. I have a very dry sense of humor, so Catherine Tate is totally my comedic queen. I absolutely love animals, and have a cat, Rory, and my dog, Lucy. My planner goes everywhere I go, and I describe my life as “organized chaos”.