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Indria Thijssen

Instagram and Twitter: @indy_darl1ng

Consumer and Lifestyle PR

My role is to maintain Cal State Fullerton’s PRSSA’s relationships with our Patrons. Our Patrons help PRSSA’s funding through sponsorships, and, in return, we offer benefits such as recognition at our meetings, volunteers to their events, and promotions of our Patrons activities.   Email me if you have any questions about our Patrons, if you’d like to volunteer for their events, or if you’re interested to know more about my position!
I’m a transfer student from Mt. San Antonio Community College, and I’ve tried to make the most of my university experience. I’ve had two internships already and I plan on finishing out with one more before I graduate. When I’m not working with our Patrons, I’m typically out exploring Los Angeles, sipping coffee at every coffee shop in the SoCal area, or hanging out in a dog park with my three little dogs. If you have any questions about me, or if you just want to talk, please feel free to contact me or visit me during my office hours!