Alexus Alfaro

Vice President of Professional Development

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Alexus has been a student of CSUF for 3 years and is headed into her last year. She’s majoring in English and minoring in communications. She loves working with people so she is excited to make connections with new members as well as guest speakers. She currently assists a radio show @mysteryhourradio as a social media manager and works as a server. She’s passionate about the Earth and loves swimming, you would think she has fins. She is planning to make panels fun but also includes more interaction between PRSSA members with the help of the board and VP of Events.


Alexus has been a part of PRSSA and TPR for a year. In TPR she worked on outreach, graphic creation, and much more. She also collaborated and brainstormed with her peers to come up with strategic solutions.

Favorite Quotes:

“It is not a bad life but just a bad day.”