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Garrett Vile

Vice President of University Relations

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Garrett is the Vice President of University Relations for PRSSA’s Robert E. Rayfield Chapter at California State University, Fullerton. He has been a PRSSA member since he transferred from Santiago Canyon College in the Fall 2018. He also is the newly appointed Executive Director of Titan Public Relations and will be leading the student-run firm for the upcoming 2019-2020 academic year.

Garrett is majoring in communications with an emphasis in Public Relations and minoring in Marketing. During his free time, he likes to create rap music, write stories and go out with friends.

Outside academics, Garrett works at Mad Science, an after-school program for kids. He has many roles within the company including Senior Instructor, Special Events Marketer and Training Director.


  • VP of University Relations at CSUF PRSSA
  • Executive Director at Titan Public Relations
  • International Conference Communications Committee for PRSSA 2019 International Conference
  • Vice President Committee Member at CSUF PRSSA


  • PR Intern at Beyond Fifteen Communications
  • Account Executive at Titan Public Relations
  • Senior Instructor at Mad Science


“Obsession is a downright requirement to be great.” – CT Fletcher

“I am the center of the universe, because there is no center.” – Dan Harmon