Vice President of Administration

by Samantha Panganiban

Picture this: You arrive at the venue and open your laptop.  On the screen, you see five organized columns on your spreadsheet, ready to check in all the excited attendees for this event.  The time is 6:45 p.m., and you look up to call the first person in line.  They head inside and you look back up, but suddenly, the line has tripled.  You are now frazzled dazzled and they get hungrier as the line moves in, but with a smile on your face, you ask each person in the quickest way possible, “Hi, are you a member or non-member?  Can I get your name, email, and graduation term?  Thank you!  There’s food when you get inside and enjoy the event!”  The time is now 7:00 p.m., everyone’s seated and you are left with yet another full spreadsheet and a plate of cold leftovers. And you LOVE it – another successful night.

As the VP of Administration, this is the kind of rush you experience and feel at each PRSSA event!  You collect and manage all membership information, and while it seems easy, your organization skills (and patience) will definitely be put to the test when you’re in charge of over 200 names.

Along with the memberships, you are also the designated record keeper for the chapter.  During each board meeting, the VP of Administration takes notes on any recaps, position reports, and ideas that the Executive Board discusses and votes on.  Don’t forget, every PR person should have the receipts, so make sure your phone is on Do Not Disturb, each Executive Board member has your undivided attention and you’re ready to type because you don’t want to miss a thing!

Another plus is that you’ll be an excel pro by the end of your term (not the math functions though)!  The VP of Administration handles all the lists and databases.  Whether it’s making an email list for outreaching to other members or creating a social media database with every nationally affiliated PRSSA Chapter for the Chapter’s internal use, always make sure you do your research and double, triple check your information because one misplaced line can throw off everything.


Lastly, you act as the assistant to all other Executive Board members, just in case they need you to cross-reference any member information or need additional help in their role, so it’s important that you’re flexible, have a good attitude when you work with your team and willing to give them a hand.

All and all, staying organized and having a sharp eye for small details are the #1 keys to being a successful VP of Administration, especially when you have to keep track of over 200 memberships, take minutes, and update and maintain databases and documents for the chapter.  While this position may not seem like the most rigorous job on the Executive Board, you aid to keep the internal flow for CSUF PRSSA run as smoothly as possible, no matter how tedious it can become.