Vice President of Professional Development

by Nicole Freeman and Daniel Smoke


Alright slip on your most mysterious black sweatshirt and throw on the hood, it’s time for some online stalking… I mean researching, yeah researching…

The role as Vice President of Professional Development is composed of many things. A big part of the job is acting as a headhunter, looking for Industry professionals online and through the database. And while it’s one of the biggest and longest parts of the job, the hard part comes after pitching and confirming them as a speaker for an event.

Before each semester starts the VP(s) of PD have to plan out each event. Including event titles, presentation materials, speaker gifts, room setup, scripts, panel questions, and content creation.

On the day of each event, the VP(s) are in charge of purchasing parking passes for the guest speakers and greeting and hosting the speakers upon their arrival.

As part of the position, you are also responsible for moderating the bi-weekly events and panels.

…but it actually kind of is required so you need to be comfortable with public speaking.

The Professional Development database is used to record all previous and future speakers in one convenient place. It allows the most current VP(s)  to see whom we’ve had as a guest previously to make sure you don’t pitch to them too often but to also use previous connections in the future. It’s required that the database is updated every semester, but don’t get too behind or else you’ll be cramming it all into one night and end typing like this:

The job as VP(s) of Professional Development offers you the chance to expand and enrich your network outside the college community.  As the representative of CSUF’s largest communications organization, it’s rewarding to have the chance to bring incredible speakers and opportunities to members.

Some feelings you may experience as the VP(s) of Professional Development


When someone cancels

When a professional isn’t replying to your emails or calls


Hosting a successful event