Let’s start with your name and what year you’re in?

My name is Vicky Hernandez, and I’m a third year here at Cal State Fullerton.

How did you hear about PRSSA?

I heard about PRSSA through the board members. Danny and Giselle both came to my classes, one of them came to my Principles of Public Relations class and the other to my Media Ethics class. They handed out fliers and I was really interested, especially because I just declared PR as my major, so I wanted to join and see what it was about.

How long have you been a member?

Well I just joined this semester, so what’s it been? Like three weeks.

What is your favorite class this semester?

Oh, that would be my Chicano 305 class. It’s so good dude, I really do recommend it. I’m taking it with Jorge Herrera, he’s really good. So that’s my favorite class right now, and then also my COMM 361 class because it’s PR. Chicano 305 though is really interesting because it’s about family identities and how you grow up, so I can really relate to that.

What is your favorite social media platform?

For a while it was Snapchat, but right now I’m really into Instagram. And I just started using Twitter because I get extra credit for using it in my COMM 407 class if you tweet using the hashtag. 

Where do you like to spend time on campus when not in class?

I really like to spend it at the TSU. Funny enough, I’m always in the courtyard. I love the sun so getting a little bit of sun when It’s cold, I love that. I love to sleep in the hallways so that’s where I’m at half the time, sleeping on the couches. If there’s no space, I’ll just stand and wait for somebody to get up. It’s like finding parking.

How has PRSSA helped you achieve your academic or professional goals?

So far it’s helped me with networking. Even though I’ve only been a member for three weeks, I’ve already gone to a workshop. Now I’ve figured out that you need to have a PR plan and I’ve gone into a group to learn how to actually make a PR plan. I went through the Global Results PR workshop about public relations and what they do, and what a day in the field looks like for them and their clients. Even with just that workshop I feel like I learned a lot. And then next week, there’s going to be a writing workshop with the same company which I’m planning on going to. Because for PR you have to have sharp writing skills, and I’m good, but I want to be better.

Do you have a favorite piece of advice you’ve heard during our panels?

Honestly, my favorite piece of advice was Andrew Vo saying “We’re young, we should enjoy everything we have now.” He talked about how we should travel and that there will always be a job for you. Especially because it’s my third year, I feel like I already need to have a job. And just hearing that lifted a little bit of the pressure off and I think it’s something everyone needs to hear. Because it’s something we’re all so focused on without taking a moment to step back and realize we have a whole planet to explore and discover.