September 18, 2020 | By: Rhett Rivera

These days, everyone in the business world seems to be using LinkedIn.  Professionals use it to land jobs, recruiters use it to scout employees, and others use it to strengthen their brand image.  

Regardless of how you are using it, there is no question that LinkedIn has an abundance of untapped potential.  Many students, however, create their profile as a requirement for a college class, or because they were pressured into it by a colleague, and then allow their profile to gather dust.  

When this happens, it’s no wonder that their profile isn’t getting any views or connection requests.  To prevent this from happening to you, I devised this list of 3 key ways that will help you make the most of LinkedIn.

1. Keep Your Profile Active

It’s obvious advice, but nobody wants to reach out to a dead profile. When you are active and engaged with your network, you show that you are dedicated to growing professionally.  

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Okay, maybe you don’t have to post EVERY day.  But once a week wouldn’t kill ya.

While this can be intimidating, just don’t overthink things.  Not all of your posts have to be original, handwritten, color-coded thesis papers on the current economic climate.  You can just share a business article you think is interesting, or post a graphic you created for class, or congratulate your friend on their new job.  

It really is as simple as that.

2. Research Companies That Interest You

The ultimate goal of maintaining a LinkedIn profile is to get you on the road to your dream job.  This being the case, you can be proactive right now by making connections with the companies that you dream of a future with.

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Study their mission statements, what they value in employees, and think about what you could bring to the table to their company.  In the future, should you score yourself an interview, this knowledge will show them your dedication and desire to work for their company.

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3. Be Authentic

Ahh yes, the oldest advice in the book: “Be yourself.”  It’s a tad cliche, sure, but people on LinkedIn need to hear it.  People all too often associate “professionalism” with “being an emotionless robot.”  

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Instead, it’s better that you put some personality into your profile.  If you want to make a sarcastic quip in your profile, do so!  If you are really passionate about zodiac signs, mention it! If you have an obsession with Disneyland, own it!

This isn’t to say you should exclude your professional experience from your profile.  Make sure you sell yourself and your abilities, but also be sure to sell your personality!

And don’t mindlessly send connections to people you don’t even know.  Treat your connections with care, and personalize a request to connect every once in a while.  Show that they are more than just a number on your connection count.