April 21, 2021 ︱Elizabeth Williams 

When pursuing a career in Public Relations you have to think about where you want to work. Do you want to start in an agency or do you want to do in-house PR? 

Here is what it would look like to have a job in Agency and In-House. 

1. Agency

It is more of a fast pacing environment working on multiple projects across different industries. Your agency is employed by another business or individual, so you will be expected to create campaigns for them. With agencies, it is very unlikely you will get a final say over projects. Be prepared to work long hours. Agencies usually have two teams. One team focuses on particular products and the other team focuses on campaigns. 

The work can be demanding in an agency because the workflow moves quickly. When working at an agency the projects and priorities constantly change, so you need to know how to juggle multiple tasks at once. Your co-workers will serve as a tool for help or advice on an issue. 

2. In-House

Usually, in-house, you are devoted to one specific company. Within this company, you are giving all your attention to the clients and products. You will work on multiple projects as an agency except it will be within one sector. This job is where you will be able to manage budgets, make decisions, and come up with strategies for the company. 

Keep in mind that in-house focused on one company, so you eat sleep, and breathe that brand. It gives you an opportunity to dive deep into the company and become more aligned with its goals, strategies, messages, and audiences.  

If you enjoy a fast and versatile environment, the agency is for you. If you like focusing on one thing and working with it for a long period of time, In-House may be a good fit for you. 

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