You have been a member of PRSSA and have enjoyed the opportunities of going on exclusive tours, networking with your favorite companies and making life-long friends. Now as you make your way through midterms, mixers, and the late night study sessions, you realize graduation is right around the corner…

It will soon be time to take the next steps on your public relations journey. But what will launch your career in public relations, you ask? First, become a member of PRSA— PRSSA’s parent organization and then follow these three steps in how to immerse yourself within PRSA!

#1.) Utilize the PRSA Job & Internship Center

As a member, you have full access to the PRSA Job Center & the PRSSA Internship Center. These career resources are here to help you secure an internship before graduation and get jobs after graduation. The PRSA Job Center will help you design a professional resume, write a great cover letter, provide interview tips and build your personal brand. This database allows you to explore a variety of paths in public relations and to find out where your passion lies. 

#2.) Complete the Certificate in Principles of Public Relations 

CSUF PRSSA seniors will receive free PRSA membership with the completion of the Certificate in Principles of Public Relations. This Certificate represents your professional expertise, as well as your personal and professional dedication to the PR industry. In the highly competitive PR world, the Certificate will distinguish you from the competition of hundreds of other recent graduates in the job search. 

“After graduating, I was interviewed by several hiring managers. Eight out of ten said that the Certificate in Principles of Public Relations stood out to them as they screened my résumé.”

                 Kimberly Martin  Customer Service Communications Office


#3.) Become an active PRSA member by volunteering 

Volunteering is a great way to get involved and meet like-minded PR professionals. By volunteering at check-ins, greeting members, and assisting with guest speakers this allows you to become the face of your PRSA chapter. This exposure will give you a solid foundation to build network connections, develop interpersonal skills, and gain valuable work experience. 

“It’s not about simply adding ‘PRSA member’ to your resume. PR firms and companies want to know how active you are in the organization. Being an active member shows you are serious about your future in the industry.” 

      -Professor Kenneth Hagiahara, Marketing & PR Professional & Educator