Hi, What is your name, year and major?

“My name is Alexis Roland, and I am a third-year Communications major with a concentration in PR, and a Political Science major.”

What sparked your interest in PR?

“I think the fact that I’ve been living my whole life in one of the focal centers of PR in Los Angeles. Also, the ability to change an image through words has been so appealing and interesting to me. Pictures speak a thousand words but a thousand words speak even more.”

If you were a fruit, what would you be and why?

“I would be a pineapple because I love the summer, I was born in the summer. I think pineapples are all around one of the best symbols of fun.”

How did you hear about PRSSA?

“I heard about PRSSA from other students at school, but also I feel like their social media presence helped me become more aware of the club which sparked my interest in it even more.”

Which panel have you enjoyed the most and which do you look forward to?

I just went to the last panel. I think ever since I joined the club last spring, all the panels have provided me with little gems in some way or the other. I have been to every panel since spring and they all have been great. The last panel has to be among my top favorites. Hearing from the president of POPSUGAR about having his own business and how he incorporated lifestyle from listening to audiences everyday was so cool. I am really excited for the fashion and beauty one because I have my own business (a beauty brand).It is a lash line and we have several different lashes. We cater to just making beauty an easy thing for people’s lifestyle. It’s called Winked Out (find us on all our socials). It’s my passion project right now.”

When not in class, where do you like to spend your free time on campus?

“I love hanging out in the TSU because I think it’s nice to be around like minded individuals who are going to school in such a cool place where it’s easy to talk to people. Everybody is pretty open with each other. There is definitely a sense of community.”

What are your goals for this year and how can PRSSA help in achieving them?

“My goals for this year is just to learn about different the PR industries. At the last event, some panelists who are PR specialists came from Karma Automotive  and Virgin Orbit and what they had to say taught me so much. Just learning about different industries is definitely one of my goals and that will be possible by going to all the panels and hearing everyone’s story.”

How has PRSSA assisted you in your professional life or academic life since joining?

“Whenever I talk to my Communications professors and tell them I am in PRSSA, it just shows them that I am really interested in getting my career started. The internship database is amazing, by looking at it, I can see areas where I see myself working for in the future.”

What is your favorite social media platform?

“Twitter is my favorite right now because I feel anyone can speak their mind, tell their truth, and be themselves on this platform. It’s like a community you’ve built for yourself.” 

Best advice that you’ve heard from one of the panels?

“I remember we had a speaker from Nickelodeon come in the past. He gave us advice to keep going and not quit because a lot of people seem to quit right in the beginning. I think his story demonstrated a lot of resilience.”