Can I start with your name, year, and major?

My name is Theo Pologeorgis. I am a first year  communications major.

What sparked your interest in the field of Public Relations?

For a very long time, it has really intrigued me how brands represent themselves in an everyday way, like packaging, and also online through media. There are brands that I agree with and brands I don’t agree with. I found that really interesting, and when I saw the difference aspects of what you can do with PR, it became something that I wanted to pursue. It really just came from a casual interest, to thinking, “Oh, I can actually do something with this.”

How has the PRSSA enhanced your perception of the industry?

I’ve only had limited exposure to the PRSSA. In terms of the panels that I attended, it’s been really interesting to see people describe their job descriptions and how they came to be in the position that they hold. In addition to the fact that they are looking for people like– maybe me, but with a little more experience. Just the fact that someone like me can gain experience and actually work for large companies or even have opportunities that I didn’t think I could have.

Which panel have you enjoyed the most?

Thus far, there was a branding and online representation one with Taco Bell, Complex, and a couple other brands. I’ve only been to two panels so far, this will be my third, but I really enjoyed each of the perspectives the candidates brought to the table.

Have you been able to make connections with any industry professionals through the panels?

I was not a paid member at the time. This will be my first panel as a paid member, so I wasn’t able to network, but it was good just to see the names of these professionals.

What are your goals for this year, and how can the PRSSA help you in achieving them?

I really would like to learn more about the organization. I know there is an actual PR firm side of PRSSA that was hiring, but I wasn’t able to take on a position when it was offered. Either next semester or next year, I would like to explore opportunities for actually working with PRSSA and learning about how it works. PRSSA can help me achieve this by me asking questions and talking to members to find out more.

What is your favorite social media platform and why?

It’s ironic because I want to go into a field that involves social media, but personally I don’t use it a lot. I would say Instagram is my favorite because it’s pretty simple, you get your point across with pictures and a couple of words, but it’s not super complex. It does have moving parts, but it’s not like Facebook where you’re constantly being inundated with stuff, it’s very simple and you get to choose who you get your content from.

How did you hear about the PRSSA?

I live on the CTVA floor, and we were encouraged to look at all the comm clubs. PRSSA was listed under the communications umbrella, and since I am a PR major they said it was my designated club and that I should go check it out.

When not in class where do you like to spend your time on campus?

The arboretum. It’s really peaceful and it’s a taste of home, since I come from a more rural area as opposed to a suburban area.

What is your favorite class this semester?

This semester I’m doing all GE courses so… my art history class is still really interesting. I’ve learned a lot about different mediums of art and creative ideas in general. It’s been interesting to learn about, and so I would say it’s my favorite class.

What is your dream company or firm that you would like to work for one day?

I mean, shooting for the stars, it would be Walt Disney or even just the Disney Resorts,specifically that would be a huge deal for me.

There will be a couple representatives from Disney at this panel, will you take advantage of the networking opportunities? 

Absolutely! Especially now that I have networking as an option.

What is the best advice that you’ve heard from one of these panels?

Bring your resume everywhere. Again, I’m a first year, so I’m very green. Just learning the basics, the go-to things you need to have, it’s really important to have those resources with you when you go network.