October 23, 2020 | By: Rhett Rivera

Nowadays, everyone has a personal brand, even if they don’t realize it.  Whether you like it or not, your social media accounts create a story about who you are.  

Therefore, you want to be an active participant in weaving that narrative.  To give you some ideas on how to start mindfully developing your brand, I’ve compiled these five tips.

Clarify Your Purpose

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First off, you want to think about why your personal brand matters in the first place.  Are you trying to impress employers? Are you hoping to expand your professional network?  Or are you tackling the lofty goal of trying to become a professional influencer? Regardless of what the answer is, determining your purpose is going to influence the aesthetic and overall vibe of your brand.

Determine Your Audience

After you nail down the purpose of your brand, you want to start considering who it is you’re trying to reach. Your pages cannot appeal to everyone.  

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For example, if your objective is to expand your brand to attain your dream job, think about what your employer would be looking for in an employee.  Go as far as creating a profile for what this employer would be like.  Analyze their demographic and psychographic as if you were executing a PR proposal.  Then, after you’ve figured out who you want to market yourself to, it narrows down what kinds of content you’re going to produce.

Follow Experts in Your Industry

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When you follow influential people in your industry, you’re doing a couple of things.  

One, you are giving yourself a chance to network.  You can like and comment on their posts.  Shoot them a DM asking for advice.  Do something to give them that little notification that you exist.  You would be surprised at the powerful relationships you can build online.

Develop Your Personal Image

We’ve all seen those profiles that don’t think twice about the kinds of photos they post of themselves.  In fact, some people’s socials solely consist of bathroom selfies.  It’s unlikely that this is the brand image you want to develop.

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Instead, think about sprucing up your profile pics.  Get some professional headshots taken.  More importantly, don’t mindlessly post photos that could damage the overall image of what you’re going for.  

Be Authentic

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Ideally, you want your brand to be an extension of yourself.  While it’s okay to find inspiration with others, you don’t want to become a carbon copy of someone you’re not.  You want your socials to represent you in an honest way.  If you aren’t passionate about something, you shouldn’t feel obligated to post about it.

Instead, be vulnerable and feel free to share what you’re interested in.  If you’re passionate about art, post some stories showcasing your work.  If you play an instrument, consider sharing your talent with your followers.  This gives you something to bond with others about, and it gives people a better perspective on what a well-rounded person you are.