April 26, 2021 | By: Lauren Mann

         When it comes to working in public relations, collaboration is huge! In everyday life, working in a group helps you get jobs done and gain better insight and knowledge from others. Collaboration in public relations is no different! In a field that relies heavily on communication and networking, collaboration is not only a result of these concepts, but it’s also a key part in building and maintaining the relationships we develop on the way to success. As aspiring practitioners, it’s important to understand the value in collaborating early on so we can utilize it throughout our careers.

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         Here are some ways collaboration is key in public relations:


         One of the most critical aspects of public relations and perhaps the most obvious example of when collaboration comes into play is with networking. When clients hire us, it’s with the trust that we have the resources already available to us and we know what to look for and who to call all at our fingertips. The expectation is that you have developed relationships in order to collaborate on a campaign that fits your client’s needs. This could bebe knowing the perfect journalist to pitch to when it comes to covering your client’s debut release, or a marketing specialist that could contribute to your organization’s campaign vision. In the world of public relations, contacts can become a lifeline. These connections become a source of our credibility that help ensure our clients that we are more than capable of bringing the best team together to fit their needs.

Adapting to a Changing Industry

         Collaboration is also a key for gaining further insight on a field that is evolving by the day. While working in public relations can be exciting for the constant change, it can also be overwhelming trying to keep up. In a field that is so socially demanding, collaborating with others who specialize in certain areas of the industry, whether it be event planning, digital media, speech writing, etc.,  is what helps us grow as professionals. We’re able to learn more about skills and social trends in our industry by working together. Collaborating with other individuals with trusted skill sets is how we learn in a hands-on way and makes the adaptability that much more seamless.

Doing What’s Best for Your Client

         Finally, collaboration is the best way to ensure that your clients expectations are not only met but exceeded by drawing the perspective of multiple people. No matter how great we are at our jobs, it’s just as important to realize we can’t always do everything alone. Even if we don’t think we need it, sometimes getting the opinions of others can mean all the difference when it comes to creating a great campaign that really resonates with our public.

Overall, being comfortable collaborating is a great skill when it comes to expanding your public relations tool belt. As they say, team work makes the dream work!