May 10, 2021 | By: Cesario Mora

As aspiring PR practitioners, we have to embrace change with open arms. Admittedly, change can be scary. But to thrive in a competitive field that is constantly changing, we can’t be treading water. It’s sink or swim. Choose to swim! Adaptability is important when dealing with any unexpected change. Being able to adapt allows you to learn and develop new skills that you can apply to different areas of the field. You might be asking yourself: What are some changes I should expect to face in the PR industry? Here are a few examples how the skill of adaptability may come in handy:

1. Social Media 

Before there was Facebook, there was Myspace – an antiquated social media platform that was a national obsession in the mid 2000s. It was the only social media platform like it at the time that allowed people to stay connected and express themselves creatively via their profiles. Social media has evolved and expanded tremendously since then. Aspiring PR professionals should keep an eye out on the latest social media platforms and trends. Learning and adapting to different platforms will allow you to communicate with your target audiences more effectively, and perhaps even reach new ones.

2. Unexpected Crisis

Life can change at a moment’s notice. One day you are driving to CSUF and learning with a classroom full of people, and the next you are quarantined in your bedroom and learning over Zoom. In a crisis, PR pros have to be quick to adapt. Take the pandemic for example: the digitalization of the PR industry was something that every professional had to adapt to in response to this unexpected situation. While not all disruption may not be as grave as a pandemic, having the ability to adapt can help you overcome and mitigate a crisis. 

3. Social Change and Social Justice

America has a long history of systemic racism and inequality, and the fight for change is still long ahead of us. It is important for PR practitioners to be actively aware of the social injustices happening in the nation. Being well-informed on various social issues is critical if your client plans to show solidarity to those who are facing social inequity. An organization’s reputation is at stake if their attempt to show solidarity comes off inauthentic and/or tone deaf because they were misinformed. That is why experts in this field must be ready to adapt and grow alongside the nation.

These were just a couple of examples of how you should be ready to adapt in an industry that is constantly changing. Being able to adapt with whatever the industry throws your way will allow you to navigate through unfamiliar terrain and overcome any unforeseen disruptions. It will keep you sharp and fresh, which will make you stand out in a competitive field.