Given the uncertainties in travel at the moment, CSUF PRSSA will be moving our Western District Conference to an all-virtual format.
Accessibility, community, and communication remain our main focus. We are excited for the opportunity to host an even bigger conference virtually, connect with even more Chapters across the country, and be able to network with you all ‘face-to-face’ in the Spring.
PRSSA WDC will still be held March 4th-5th with an amazing line-up of speakers from across the nation and exclusive panels that provide value, direction, and the tools you need to succeed in your career.
Thank you, and we can’t wait to see you!

Friday: April 8th

  • Welcome


  • Diversifying Your Network (panel)


    This first session will cover how to build a more diverse professional and personal network – and why it’s important to do so! By diversifying your network you not only benefit the industry, but also your professionalism. By connecting with individuals who offer different insights and experience, you can better represent your audience, and gain a better understanding of experiences outside of your own.

  • Self-Assessment: Check Your Net! (workshop)


    This first workshop will allow attendees to take a critical look at their current professional network across their different social platforms – and do a self-assessment. We will be offering a ‘Net Checklist’ for individuals to go through while being guided by industry leaders. Questions will cover different aspects of professional social media use: i.e., what percentage of followers/accounts you follow are bipoc, queer, etc.

  • Lunch Break


  • Leadership Summit



    National Committee member, Kayla Holley, will be leading the Leadership Summit to discuss conflict resolution, leadership styles and empowerment tips.

  • Past the Screen: Taking D&I Further Than Social Media (panel)


    How we as students/professionals can physically promote diversity and inclusion on smaller scales in our own space through initiatives, and more. ‘Social holidays’ are easily promoted on social media outlets, but this session is about actually implementing practices that will make real-life change happen. We will be having professionals from the industry with experience launching impactful campaigns around diversity, equity, and inclusion.

  • A Growing Industry: Diversity and Inclusion as a Career (panel)


    Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from individuals who are making diversity and inclusion their career. Not only is it the focal point of their work, it’s integral to the position they hold in their company. We will also have individuals who work for a company that specifically revolves around diversity and inclusion, bringing their knowledge in their craft to the forefront as they discuss what it’s like to work in this growing career space.

Saturday: April 9th

  • Welcome


  • Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity Across the Board (panel)


    This panel will include professionals from an agency setting, from an in-house non-profit organization, as well as from the public affairs sphere. Each professional will discuss their own day-to-day assignments, and their experience working in their respective fields. The speakers will answer a set of questions that allows the audience to get insight into both the similarities and the differences between each of these career paths when it comes to diversity and inclusion.

  • Addressing Your Own Intersectionality (workshop)


    This workshop will be led by our very own VP of Diversity and Inclusion – Emily Reisberg. It will be aimed at exploring one’s own intersectionality and examine the way in which different facets of our identities afford us certain privileges, or societal barriers. This works to build a better understanding of your personal brand and highlight why, as pre-professional public relations specialists, we need to push for more diversity, inclusion, and equity. This workshop will be done individually at first, and then open to groups. It will include a hand-out that provides a template for looking at the intersections of your own identity.

  • Lunch Break


  • A Growing Industry: Diversity and Inclusion as a Career (keynote)


  • Connect & Network: ‘Business Card’ Exchange


    This will be an open opportunity to network with your fellow PRSSA students and professionals from across the country! Bring your digital business card or have your LinkedIn ready to share as you hop in and out of breakout rooms with individuals from across the nation. Take your time as you discuss your PR passions with one another. Speakers will be available for one-on-one discussions, as well as Executive Board Members from multiple chapters, and industry professionals both local and national!

    **Tip** Using Canva? Try out their ‘business card’ template, save it as a PDF file, and share it with professionals via link during the conference! Get yourself out there and broaden that network!

  • Closing Remarks


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