March 19, 2021 | By: Lauren Mann

While social media is a great way to keep up with friends and classmates, it’s also a huge part of how we see public relations today. It’s a direct line of communication between an organization and their target audiences.  It’s a perfect tool to utilize in a field that benefits from public engagement and understanding. 

It’s crucial to utilize these social media platforms! When it comes to connecting with your public, this is one of the most efficient ways to do so and here’s why:


People have access to your organization’s brand and message in summary through social media. From these sites, they should be able to decide whether or not this organization is something they could see themselves supporting or engaging with. From your Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, people are able to make a quick assessment before deciding if they want to learn more.

Sharing Information

When it comes to spreading the word, and fast, social media’s your go-to. And we know that from experience, whether that be good or bad. The same goes for using social media in a  public relations practice. While we may not put out an entire news release on a social media outlet, we might link and share it across platforms. It’s how we get our Instagram audience and our Twitter audience to come together and find the same source. No matter how they found your client, they will all be directed to the same information quickly and efficiently.


Moreover, the speed of social media allows practitioners to stay in the loop and ahead of the curve. Social media helps practitioners look at what’s trending and find ways to be a part of that conversation while it’s relevant. Whether it be commenting on a trend that aligns with your public as it happens, or dispelling potential rumors before it becomes a crisis communication situation, social media is the perfect tool for instantaneous communication.


Social media allows direct insight on what resonates with your public. Many forms of social media allow you to monitor how well your posts are performing through likes, shares, views, and other analytics. This helps practitioners understand how successful media campaigns are going.

Maintaining the Relationship with Your Audience

One of the most essential uses of social media is that it helps you build and maintain your audience.  Your socials allow you to be in constant communication with the people who follow your organization.  As your brand grows, so will your audience.  As we engage in these social media platforms, we’re able to get direct feedback from our publics and do our jobs efficiently.  It’s important to take advantage of these opportunities to understand and maintain the longevity of the relationship between your organization and their target audience.