What is your name, age, and major?

Caleena, 21, communications (with an emphasis in public relations)

How long have you been at CSUF?

This is my second and last year at CSUF.

How long have you been a part of PRSSA?

Since I started going to CSUF (Fall 2020).

Why did you join PRSSA?

I transferred in the middle of the pandemic so I knew I had to make the most of my time here. Especially since everything was online and there was nothing else to do, I figured what excuse do I have not to join? It’s a great opportunity and I can make friends, so I joined.

What is your position in Titan Public Relations? What do you do?

I’m one of the Executive Directors of TPR–the other ED is Stephanie Rodriguez. Essentially, we run the agency. As ED’s we’re responsible for getting clients for each semester and reaching out to students to join. We meet with possible clients before the semester starts and make sure their goals will help our students. We also interview all the students who apply so we can understand what they hope to get out of TPR and make sure the account they’re on gives them the experience they can’t get in the classroom. Over the semester, we make sure every team is on route to achieving their goals and getting all the deliverables to their client. It may be student-run, but TPR is real-world experience.

How has PRSSA prepared you for that role in TPR?

It’s introduced me to so many brilliant people that inspire me to be the best person I can be. I’ve been so lucky to have connected with some of the most talented and amazing people because of PRSSA and TPR, and I’m so grateful I get to learn and work with them.

Why would you recommend PRSSA and TPR to other students?

Absolutely! I’ve never been anything else like it. All the students you meet in PRSSA and TPR are motivated, passionate and eager to learn.

What has been your fondest memory in PRSSA?

Meeting my client and part of my team for TPR in-person for the first time. I had met them all online before, but seeing them in-person was really exciting because they were the first people I had ever met since transferring to CSUF.

How has the pandemic impacted the way you have interacted with PRSSA benefits and meetings?

Honestly, if it weren’t for the pandemic I may not have been as active as I am in PRSSA. I was introduced to it during the pandemic and had only interacted through virtual means until this semester. Online can be hard, especially when Zoom Fatigue hits. But it definitely has its perks, like being able to connect with people from all over the world from the comfort of your own home and waking up five minutes before your online class. Personally, I was able to participate in online mentorships, including the DKC Mentorship last spring, which eventually led to an in-person internship opportunity I did over the summer.

What is one tip you would give an incoming freshman or transfer?

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. There are so many people who are scared of mistakes (and the letter F) and forget the entire point is to learn from mistakes. In my opinion, your time in college sets you up for the next chapter of your life. You’ll make tons of mistakes along the way and you may fail, but keep learning and keep going. Use this time to gain as much experience as you can and figure out what you’re really passionate about.

What is your favorite social media platform and why?

I switch between TikTok and Instagram the most. I love TikTok just a little more only because of how small things like surprising your boyfriend or rushing for a sorority can turn into this huge inside joke everyone is in on (i.e. Couch Guy and Alabama RushTok). It kinda makes the world even smaller and for some weird reason I find that comforting. Bringing up a current TikTok trend is slowly becoming one of my favorite icebreakers.

Where do you see your career taking you after graduation?

I don’t mean to sound all hippie-dippy, but if the pandemic has taught me anything it’s to go with the flow. Whether I start out at an agency or in-house, I’ll be happy doing anything that allows me to continue to keep learning!