The Cal State University, Fullerton’s PRSSA chapter is excited to present our district conference, focused on; Breaking Barriers: Diversity, Equity and Inclusion. The theme for our regional conference will address some of the recent challenges being faced by today’s communications professionals and will be held virtually on April 8th – April 9th; from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. PST.

In the past years we have seen corporate social responsibility rise dramatically due to performative activism cases and companies lacking equity strategies. Now we’re seeing exciting new career opportunities within the communications industry revolving around D&I, and this conference is going to teach you how to be part of that in different ways! Through our discussion of diversity in the communications sphere, we will be touching on some amazing topics in the PR world; crisis communications, agency versus corporate life, social media careers, and more.

Attendees can look forward to incredible speakers tuning in from across the nation discussing all aspects of DE&I in the Communications sphere, as well as exciting communications tools and knowledge from their work in the industry

They’ll be teaching us about:

  • Career advancement strategies and insight.
  • Networking tips and tricks.
  • Social media management and career opportunities.
  • Crisis communication strategies and case studies.
  • Professional conflict resolution approaches.
  • And MORE!

Attendees will dive deep into each session with established professionals that will help visualize and simulate real world experiences all while answering your burning questions.  

This will be a large-scale event and allows networking opportunities across numerous chapters and universities. This event is open to CSUF PRSSA members and non members, as well general students and other PRSSA Chapters across the nation! We feel that what we have to offer our attendees is invaluable to their professional journey; and the exclusive tips, tricks, and insight that will be shared will benefit students and professionals alike.

On top of value, accessibility was also at the top of our list. We chose to partner with Hubilo in creating an accessible, customizable, virtual setting that will make for a new and immersive way to learn and network. Some exciting things you can expect from Hubilo are; 

  1. You’ll have access to a virtual briefcase in which you can take notes comfortably during the conference, never having to leave the platform! Your notes will be saved at the end of the day to keep all of your newfound knowledge in an easily accessible format. 
  2. LinkedIn Connection + Virtual Conference Badge. Upload your headshot, socials, and connect your LinkedIn to easily network with peers & professionals! You will be able to make an individual conference badge complete with 10 banners to choose from as people view your profile throughout the day.
  3. Virtual Lounge & Booths. Enter our virtual lounge each day, and hop in & out of networking booths between each session. Meet students and professionals from across the nation; 1 on 1, or in a breakout group!
  4. Interactive surveys and polls to participate in throughout the day!

And more! 

Again this is a two-day event and tickets will be limited, thus it is strongly recommended to register while you can! Here is the link to purchase your ticket before they sell out.
Follow us on our Instagram @CSUFPRSSA, as we will have more updates about the conference. If you have any questions feel free to DM us there, or send us an email at,  and we will get back to you shortly.