One of the many opportunities offered by PRSSA is our very own student-run public relations agency held on campus. Titan Public Relations (TPR) provides members with the ability to get hands-on experience through working with peers in creating strategies, promotions and content for clients. 

Students gain experience in many different ways depending on what industry the client’s background and how they’d like to proceed with the team provided. This opportunity can greatly impact members ability to hone their skills in the PR industry, network with professionals and get a sense in which direction they’d like to pursue a career in! 

But in order to reap these benefits you have to act fast as there is limited space for applicants. In order to be a part of TPR first you have to be a PRSSA member, next you’ll have to wait for applications to open (follow our Instagram for updates), after applying you will have an interview to see where you fit amongst the rest of the applicants and clients. 

TPR prides itself on its purpose to connect, create, and communicate. They offer monumental experiences through pro-bono work while creating strategic guidance for their clients. The TPR agency supports its clients with complete services and strategies, such as: 

  • Social Media & Brand Management 
  • Outreach Campaigns 
  • Cross-Channel Marketing
  • Digital Communication 
  • In-Person Promotions And Much More! 

Titans Public Relations was founded by our very own CSUF Titan Aria Fadakar back in 2009. Arias focused on creating a hands-on, real-world experience in the PR industry. Since then, TPR has transcended and established itself as a highly respected and professional student organization at CSUF. 

We are proud of our members that have volunteered thus far and wanted to showcase two current members and their experience in TPR!

Ava Kendrena | CSUF Sophomore | TPR – Account Executive | Involved with TPR for three semesters

Alexus Alfaro | CSUF Junior | TPR – Account Coordinator | Involved with TPR for two semesters

What is Titan Public Relations in your own words?

AVA: “Titan Public Relations is CSUF’s student-run PR firm that allows students to get hands-on experience with real clients, broaden their network with their peers, and strengthen their general PR skills.”

ALEXUS: “Titan public relations is a nonprofit firm that helps students gain experience as a PR agent. Similar to a firm, they help a variety of clients from restaurants, the music industry, and local shops.” 

What has your experience been like being a part of TPR?

AVA: “I have had an absolutely wonderful experience being in TPR. I started in the spring of 2020 as an account coordinator for the TPR account. During that time, I learned how to make graphics and engaging social media content for the TPR social media pages. Now I am an Account Executive for the Lauretta Records account. I have loved working with Lauretta Records because I have had the opportunity to pitch to media outlets and strategize creative ways to boost exposure for their campaigns. I am happy that I am practicing these skills now because I feel like I will be more prepared when I enter my first job or internship.”

ALEXUS: “The firm all works together every week for two hours, and we each finish our duties on our own. I’ve helped amazing clients and will be attending a listening party next month with my current client, Lauretta records. It’s exciting work seeing the growth your client makes but also seeing improvements in yourself. The confidence and skills I nurtured will be used for the rest of my career.”

What type of work do members in TPR do?

AVA: “TPR members work with real clients, so their workload depends on what type of client they are serving. For example, my team heavily focuses on outreach and pitching to relevant audiences. On the other hand, my sister’s team (the Peacock nails team) mainly works on creating graphics and social media content for their client. Generally, however, all of the TPR teams are responsible for making a communications plan for their client, and they all need to be in constant communication with one another to be sure that they are on track and completing their projects in a timely and efficient manner.”

ALEXUS: “Students have the opportunity to learn all aspects of working in a PR firm like the tedious paperwork but also content creation. You’ll learn the research needed for a Comm plan, perform outreach, and become familiar with editing software like Adobe and Canva.”

What are some challenging yet rewarding parts of TPR?

AVA: “One of the main challenges of TPR is maintaining a balance with your TPR projects and your schoolwork. Sometimes the work can start to pile up, which is why it is so important to manage your time wisely and stay organized. Even in moments when the workload can get overwhelming, it is always so rewarding to see what you and your team accomplish. If you are serving your client to the best of your ability and working diligently with your team to help the client reach their goals, the workload will be manageable and satisfying to see your hard work pay off.”

ALEXUS: “As a full-time student, time management and staying organized can sometimes be a challenge. This semester I work with a very involved client who we meet with bi-weekly. It’s a challenge to finish our work before each meeting, but the collaborative effort has made the process fun and resembles a real client relationship.”

Would students benefit from joining TPR?

AVA: “Students would definitely benefit from joining TPR!!! As I mentioned before, TPR is an amazing gateway into the world of PR before you start a job or internship. The experience of being in an environment with like-minded peers and working with real clients has helped me exponentially in feeling confident in my communication and general PR skills. The hands-on experience is also helpful to apply the material you learn in the classroom to real-life scenarios.”

ALEXUS: “Yes, of course, students would benefit, especially communication majors, as it preps you for your Capstone by teaching you how to write a Comm plan. I’ve met very similar-minded students who are ambitious and who I’ve learned from. It exposes you to students who are following a similar path, and they can help you in your academic journey as well.”

Does being a part of TPR correlate with your desired career?

AVA: “Yes, it does! Being in TPR has helped me figure out that being a publicist or an account executive is something that I want to do in the future. Also, working with a record label as a client this semester has helped me decide that working in the music industry is something that I may want to consider more seriously post-graduation.”

ALEXUS: “Absolutely, once I joined, I learned how to work on a website and increase engagement. It’s exposed me to a lot of learning and networking opportunities, some of which were hosted by other PR firms that offered internships. It’s a great way to learn but also build relationships with those in my desired field. The skills I learned in TPR gave me the faith that I’ll perform well as VP of Professional Development for PRSSA.” 

What are some key takeaways from being in TPR?

AVA: “The key takeaways that I have gained from being in TPR are that you do not have to have a lot of experience going in, and you will learn a lot along the way. Another takeaway is that TPR will force you to be a better communicator, it will help you learn to work well with a team, and it will help you develop your creative and critical thinking skills. Overall, I believe TPR has helped me build my professionalism, and I feel much more prepared to apply for jobs and internships because of my experience in TPR.” 

ALEXUS: “Although it can be frustrating being a student and worker, the knowledge and connections made in TPR are invaluable in my journey to my career. There is no harm in joining because it’s a semester commitment, and everyone there is so helpful. The executive directors and account executives are there to lead you in this new environment, so no experience is needed. PRSSA is a great way to learn from professionals, but TPR is a fantastic way to develop your skills as a professional.” 

TPR holds onto the mission that CSUF Alumni, Aria Fadakar, founded. According to, His main goal was to create an environment for students to learn and understand how agencies operate by assisting nonprofit organizations, community members, and other companies.”

After reading the impactful experiences members shared, and the overview of TPR– we hope to motivate and inspire all Titans to consider joining Titan Public Relations and commence their journey in the world of PR. 

Author: Alan Morales