One of the many opportunities offered by PRSSA is our very own student-run public relations agency held on campus. Titan Public Relations (TPR) provides members with the ability to get hands-on experience through working with peers in creating strategies, promotions and content for clients. 

Students gain experience in many different ways depending on what industry the client’s background and how they’d like to proceed with the team provided. This opportunity can greatly impact members ability to hone their skills in the PR industry, network with professionals and get a sense in which direction they’d like to pursue a career in! 

But in order to reap these benefits you have to act fast as there is limited space for applicants. In order to be a part of TPR first you have to be a PRSSA member, next you’ll have to wait for applications to open (follow our Instagram for updates), after applying you will have an interview to see where you fit amongst the rest of the applicants and clients. 

TPR prides itself on its purpose to connect, create, and communicate. They offer monumental experiences through pro-bono work while creating strategic guidance for their clients. The TPR agency supports its clients with complete services and strategies, such as: 

  • Social Media & Brand Management 
  • Outreach Campaigns 
  • Cross-Channel Marketing
  • Digital Communication 
  • In-Person Promotions And Much More! 

Titans Public Relations was founded by our very own CSUF Titan Aria Fadakar back in 2009. Arias focused on creating a hands-on, real-world experience in the PR industry. Since then, TPR has transcended and established itself as a highly respected and professional student organization at CSUF. 

We are proud of our members that have volunteered thus far and wanted to showcase two current members and their experience in TPR!

Ava Kendrena | CSUF Sophomore | TPR – Account Executive | Involved with TPR for three semesters

Alexus Alfaro | CSUF Junior | TPR – Account Coordinator | Involved with TPR for two semesters

What is Titan Public Relations in your own words?

AVA: “Titan Public Relations is CSUF’s student-run PR firm that allows students to get hands-on experience with real clients, broaden their network with their peers, and strengthen their general PR skills.”

ALEXUS: “Titan public relations is a nonprofit firm that helps students gain experience as a PR agent. Similar to a firm, they help a variety of clients from restaurants, the music industry, and local shops.” 

What has your experience been like being a part of TPR?

AVA: “I have had an absolutely wonderful experience being in TPR. I started in the spring of 2020 as an account coordinator for the TPR account. During that time, I learned how to make graphics and engaging social media content for the TPR social media pages. Now I am an Account Executive for the Lauretta Records account. I have loved working with Lauretta Records because I have had the opportunity to pitch to media outlets and strategize creative ways to boost exposure for their campaigns. I am happy that I am practicing these skills now because I feel like I will be more prepared when I enter my first job or internship.”

ALEXUS: “The firm all works together every week for two hours, and we each finish our duties on our own. I’ve helped amazing clients and will be attending a listening party next month with my current client, Lauretta records. It’s exciting work seeing the growth your client makes but also seeing improvements in yourself. The confidence and skills I nurtured will be used for the rest of my career.”

What type of work do members in TPR do?

AVA: “TPR members work with real clients, so their workload depends on what type of client they are serving. For example, my team heavily focuses on outreach and pitching to relevant audiences. On the other hand, my sister’s team (the Peacock nails team) mainly works on creating graphics and social media content for their client. Generally, however, all of the TPR teams are responsible for making a communications plan for their client, and they all need to be in constant communication with one another to be sure that they are on track and completing their projects in a timely and efficient manner.”

ALEXUS: “Students have the opportunity to learn all aspects of working in a PR firm like the tedious paperwork but also content creation. You’ll learn the research needed for a Comm plan, perform outreach, and become familiar with editing software like Adobe and Canva.”

What are some challenging yet rewarding parts of TPR?

AVA: “One of the main challenges of TPR is maintaining a balance with your TPR projects and your schoolwork. Sometimes the work can start to pile up, which is why it is so important to manage your time wisely and stay organized. Even in moments when the workload can get overwhelming, it is always so rewarding to see what you and your team accomplish. If you are serving your client to the best of your ability and working diligently with your team to help the client reach their goals, the workload will be manageable and satisfying to see your hard work pay off.”

ALEXUS: “As a full-time student, time management and staying organized can sometimes be a challenge. This semester I work with a very involved client who we meet with bi-weekly. It’s a challenge to finish our work before each meeting, but the collaborative effort has made the process fun and resembles a real client relationship.”

Would students benefit from joining TPR?

AVA: “Students would definitely benefit from joining TPR!!! As I mentioned before, TPR is an amazing gateway into the world of PR before you start a job or internship. The experience of being in an environment with like-minded peers and working with real clients has helped me exponentially in feeling confident in my communication and general PR skills. The hands-on experience is also helpful to apply the material you learn in the classroom to real-life scenarios.”

ALEXUS: “Yes, of course, students would benefit, especially communication majors, as it preps you for your Capstone by teaching you how to write a Comm plan. I’ve met very similar-minded students who are ambitious and who I’ve learned from. It exposes you to students who are following a similar path, and they can help you in your academic journey as well.”

Does being a part of TPR correlate with your desired career?

AVA: “Yes, it does! Being in TPR has helped me figure out that being a publicist or an account executive is something that I want to do in the future. Also, working with a record label as a client this semester has helped me decide that working in the music industry is something that I may want to consider more seriously post-graduation.”

ALEXUS: “Absolutely, once I joined, I learned how to work on a website and increase engagement. It’s exposed me to a lot of learning and networking opportunities, some of which were hosted by other PR firms that offered internships. It’s a great way to learn but also build relationships with those in my desired field. The skills I learned in TPR gave me the faith that I’ll perform well as VP of Professional Development for PRSSA.” 

What are some key takeaways from being in TPR?

AVA: “The key takeaways that I have gained from being in TPR are that you do not have to have a lot of experience going in, and you will learn a lot along the way. Another takeaway is that TPR will force you to be a better communicator, it will help you learn to work well with a team, and it will help you develop your creative and critical thinking skills. Overall, I believe TPR has helped me build my professionalism, and I feel much more prepared to apply for jobs and internships because of my experience in TPR.” 

ALEXUS: “Although it can be frustrating being a student and worker, the knowledge and connections made in TPR are invaluable in my journey to my career. There is no harm in joining because it’s a semester commitment, and everyone there is so helpful. The executive directors and account executives are there to lead you in this new environment, so no experience is needed. PRSSA is a great way to learn from professionals, but TPR is a fantastic way to develop your skills as a professional.” 

TPR holds onto the mission that CSUF Alumni, Aria Fadakar, founded. According to, His main goal was to create an environment for students to learn and understand how agencies operate by assisting nonprofit organizations, community members, and other companies.”

After reading the impactful experiences members shared, and the overview of TPR– we hope to motivate and inspire all Titans to consider joining Titan Public Relations and commence their journey in the world of PR. 

Author: Alan Morales

Author: Kevin Law

“The Forest is dark, dearie, The Forest is dark; The moment you think that you’re lost in the woods, then you are. Do not lose your way, dearie, Do not lose your way; The monsters are lurking not far from the path should you stray.” – Emory R. Frie.

We all can admit that it is a year full of heebie-jeebies, but the most beautiful thing is we “kinda” figured out not to lose our ways and get where we are today. We want you to come to the PRSSA’s Enchanted Spring Gala to laugh, enjoy, and disclose the mystery!

Gala means festive celebration and an opportunity to build personal or professional relationships with your peers, advisors, and someone who can help you grow or grow with you. This type of occasion may be new to you, or you feel intimidated. That’s okay. It does not mean that you need to go all out of your comfort zone. As long as you feel comfortable and have a wonderful experience with it, that is all that matters. If you keep on reading, this blog post will provide you with enough information and hopefully give you a sense of ease and excitement.

We have a wonderful opportunity to interview Kristine Pham, the VP of Events, and Elyssa Ruiz, the VP of Professional Development. Elyssa has been to PRSSA’s Spring Gala before and a few more with PRSA and other organizations. While Kristine and her committee are the backbones of making the Gala happen. This is what they had to say about the Gala.

Kristine Pham | VP of Events 

What is going to happen at the Gala?

At the Gala, we will commemorate any graduating seniors and honor PRSSA members for getting through this year. This year’s gala is finally coming back in person, and it is just like an event where we could come together, build more relationships, celebrate all of our achievements together with food and drinks, a beautiful balloon arch with the photo booth, and hear from our PR professional as well.

What is the timeline of the Gala?

The Gala starts from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m at the Titan Student Union, Pavilion A. The doors will close at 7:30 p.m. The guests can get appetizers, food, and drinks and find somewhere to sit with friends. The venue is decorated as an enchanted forest.

How did you come out with the enchanted forest theme?

When it comes to planning events, the first thing is to think about the color palette. I like sage green as the theme, so what goes with that? White, gold, and beige. Then what would match with all that? Enchanted forest vibes! Boom that is kind of it.

What are you most excited about the Gala?

Having the opportunity to celebrate our achievements this year and the time to wind down from this hectic semester. I am also very excited to hear from Dean Bey-Ling Sha. She is an icon.

Who are the guest speakers?

The dean of the college of communication, Dr. Bey-Ling Sha. She is very well-known in the communication world. So I am excited to hear encouraging words from her and whatever she will share. We will have our faculty advisor, Ken Hagihara, share a few words as well.

What is the dress code?

Business Casual. You can also dress up, go formal, semi-formal, or wear a gown. But it is up to the guest essentially.

What is the benefit of attending the Gala? 

You will hear from our guest speakers and meet the new executive board members. I think it will be an incredible experience to meet them, build relationships with them, and hear what they might have planned for next year.

Elyssa Ruiz | VP of Professional Development

How is your experience attending the gala in general?

They’re a lot of fun, but you have to go a little out of your way to network with people since you will sit at a table. You get to see your peers dressed up for more upscale events. Also, it’s just fun to celebrate the accomplishments you’ve had throughout your semester or with your peers.

What are the tips for establishing professional relationships during the Gala?

Get your Linkedin profile ready with the QR code. This is a pretty good option for getting to network with people quickly. Or, if you have time to order business cards, or if you already have business cards, I would say just keep them on hand and hand them out as you network.

What is the etiquette for the Gala?

In all networking scenarios, you need to take note of your environment. If people are communicating and there seems to be a more personal conversation, it might not be a great opportunity to jump into that conversation. But usually, you can tell if people are more open, like a circle of people. Another thing is the dress code. Don’t feel like you need to buy something to join the gala. It’s more so just to hang out with your peers. In terms of other etiquettes, just make sure you’re aware of the surroundings. You don’t necessarily want to jump in and derail their conversation if people are talking. It’s better just to wait your turn. Step away to another conversation or move to a different place, and circle back later on if you want to introduce yourself to that person.

What would you do to prepare yourself for the Gala?

Elevator pitch. What will you say if you step into an elevator with someone and want to introduce yourself to this person, and you only have 10 seconds? At the Western District Conference, one of the panelists shared that you should include a purpose statement in your elevator pitch. You should boil down precisely what you want to get out of your career. For example, I would say, “Hi, my name is Elyssa Ruiz. I am a public relations professional, and I am looking for work in the creative field, either photography or graphic design since those are my passion.” Rehearsing is a great help too. I still rehearse what I will say when I’m about to meet someone. So if you have that down for yourself, I think that’ll make you more confident with introducing yourself to other people, especially new people.

How did the Gala experience help you in your professional and personal life?

From my experience, going to the gala, you can connect and talk about things that you might not usually speak with your peers due to the time constraint of the class. Also, it is a great way to break the ice with the people in your class that you have never spoken to because you already have that common thing since you are from the same class.

Favorite moments and memories from the Gala?

Connecting with many great friends at the Gala and taking photos together was an awesome opportunity.

Any last advice?

When you’re stepping into a gala, you’re probably just like a nerd to talk to other people as other people are to speak to you. If you are willing to take that confident first step of introducing yourself, it will make you all the better for it. Also, if you rehearse enough, I think you would be confident to introduce yourself to other people you have never spoken to. Just because any connection can be a good connection, that isn’t to say you always have to be connected to them down the line.

What is your name, age, and major?

Caleena, 21, communications (with an emphasis in public relations)

How long have you been at CSUF?

This is my second and last year at CSUF.

How long have you been a part of PRSSA?

Since I started going to CSUF (Fall 2020).

Why did you join PRSSA?

I transferred in the middle of the pandemic so I knew I had to make the most of my time here. Especially since everything was online and there was nothing else to do, I figured what excuse do I have not to join? It’s a great opportunity and I can make friends, so I joined.

What is your position in Titan Public Relations? What do you do?

I’m one of the Executive Directors of TPR–the other ED is Stephanie Rodriguez. Essentially, we run the agency. As ED’s we’re responsible for getting clients for each semester and reaching out to students to join. We meet with possible clients before the semester starts and make sure their goals will help our students. We also interview all the students who apply so we can understand what they hope to get out of TPR and make sure the account they’re on gives them the experience they can’t get in the classroom. Over the semester, we make sure every team is on route to achieving their goals and getting all the deliverables to their client. It may be student-run, but TPR is real-world experience.

How has PRSSA prepared you for that role in TPR?

It’s introduced me to so many brilliant people that inspire me to be the best person I can be. I’ve been so lucky to have connected with some of the most talented and amazing people because of PRSSA and TPR, and I’m so grateful I get to learn and work with them.

Why would you recommend PRSSA and TPR to other students?

Absolutely! I’ve never been anything else like it. All the students you meet in PRSSA and TPR are motivated, passionate and eager to learn.

What has been your fondest memory in PRSSA?

Meeting my client and part of my team for TPR in-person for the first time. I had met them all online before, but seeing them in-person was really exciting because they were the first people I had ever met since transferring to CSUF.

How has the pandemic impacted the way you have interacted with PRSSA benefits and meetings?

Honestly, if it weren’t for the pandemic I may not have been as active as I am in PRSSA. I was introduced to it during the pandemic and had only interacted through virtual means until this semester. Online can be hard, especially when Zoom Fatigue hits. But it definitely has its perks, like being able to connect with people from all over the world from the comfort of your own home and waking up five minutes before your online class. Personally, I was able to participate in online mentorships, including the DKC Mentorship last spring, which eventually led to an in-person internship opportunity I did over the summer.

What is one tip you would give an incoming freshman or transfer?

Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. There are so many people who are scared of mistakes (and the letter F) and forget the entire point is to learn from mistakes. In my opinion, your time in college sets you up for the next chapter of your life. You’ll make tons of mistakes along the way and you may fail, but keep learning and keep going. Use this time to gain as much experience as you can and figure out what you’re really passionate about.

What is your favorite social media platform and why?

I switch between TikTok and Instagram the most. I love TikTok just a little more only because of how small things like surprising your boyfriend or rushing for a sorority can turn into this huge inside joke everyone is in on (i.e. Couch Guy and Alabama RushTok). It kinda makes the world even smaller and for some weird reason I find that comforting. Bringing up a current TikTok trend is slowly becoming one of my favorite icebreakers.

Where do you see your career taking you after graduation?

I don’t mean to sound all hippie-dippy, but if the pandemic has taught me anything it’s to go with the flow. Whether I start out at an agency or in-house, I’ll be happy doing anything that allows me to continue to keep learning!

What is your name, age, and major?

My name is Cesario Mora. I am 30 years old and I am majoring in Communications with a concentration in Public Relations.

How many years have you been at CSUF?

A year and a half! I transferred in the Spring of 2020, and I will graduate this Fall.

How long have you been part of PRSSA?

I have been a part of PRSSA since Fall 2020.

How did you hear about the organization?

I had heard about this organization from one of my friends who is involved in PRSSA. When I revealed to them that I had decided on a PR concentration, they had encouraged me to join. And I am so glad I did!

What is your favorite part about PRSSA?

My favorite part is the wide variety of panels PRSSA hosts. Hearing from different panelists about their experiences in the industry is so inspiring and the insight that they offer is incredible.

What is your favorite social media platform and why?

My favorite social media platform is Instagram because I love spamming pictures of my dog for everyone to see. Also, I love how easy it is to spread awareness to different social issues via Instagram stories. It’s a great visual platform to stay connected and stay socially conscious.

Where do you see your career taking you after graduation?

I would love to work for a nonprofit organization. I want to ensure that my future is spent working on helping people, and I want to do whatever I can to better the world. Ideally, I would absolutely LOVE working for a nonprofit that helps LGBTQIA+ causes. As a member of the queer community myself, having the opportunity to work in an environment that strives in protecting LGBTQIA+ and their rights would be a dream.

April 19, 2021 | By: Christian Sutton 

As a Donate Life Ambassador for almost eight years, I still learned more than I expected from my internship at Sierra Donor Services, one of four organ procurement organizations under Donate Life California. 

Throughout the course of my public relations internship, I developed a greater and more nuanced appreciation for the public education goals and messaging of a nonprofit organization. 

For example, I had the opportunity to work with many other positions in the organization including other volunteers, our front office staff, Media Relations Manager and Executive Director. In team meetings for campaigns, I discussed strategic tactics and plans to pitch stories to audiences. I met with industry leaders, where I learned more about the business model of a nonprofit and how to better fulfil its mission.

My first project involved identifying reporters, crafting pitch letters and sending them out to local gatekeepers for #BetheGift day. The campaign raised awareness of the need for organ, eye and tissue donation. Ultimately, this messaging helps save lives by highlighting the #BeTheGift campaign, which encourages the public to register as donor heroes. 

I met with California legislators to discuss lobbying efforts, which relate to organ, eye and tissue donation. This event highlighted the power of a personal story. Before our meeting, I sent them photos on virtual postcards with stories from those whose lives have been touched by organ donation. The strategy behind this tool helped us to be remembered by and build relationships with leaders in the legislature.  

Throughout my internship, I assisted the public education staff to create a virtual postcard to send to our staff and hospital partners for National Thank A Healthcare Hero Day. I used a creative design that encompasses the Sierra Donor Services brand and Donate Life theme. When these postcards were shared with the healthcare community, they saw the life-saving, positive side of organ donation. This public education campaign serves to build relationships between Donate Life and hospital partners.

Similarly, I was able to craft a message and design for Donor Remembrance Day. This day recognizes donor heroes, ensures they are never forgotten by their family and community, and expresses the depth of gratitude felt by their recipients. – This celebration of life in our organization is a way to encourage our volunteers, many of whom have personal connections to organ donation, to honor their loved one and donor hero.  .

My Passion!

As a PRSSA member and a grateful heart recipient of more than 20 years, I know that organ donation saves lives! Since I received the gift of life as a two-year-old, I am now a senior CSUF, I lived my dream internship on the Disney College Program, and I finished a 10K RunDisney because of my organ donor.

But our work isn’t done yet! Nationwide, more than 100,000 people are waiting for a lifesaving organ, 23,000 of whom reside right here in California. Everyone needs to register as an organ donor to off-set the number of people who die waiting for an organ. Currently, nearly 17 people die each day from lack of available organs for transplant. Communication classes at CSUF have helped me pursue my passion because I learned about multiple professional communication tactics in my degree program. For example, video production and visual design in Digital Foundations, media research from PR Writing II and pitching to gatekeepers have helped me pursue my passion and ultimately, intern for Donate Life this semester. 

April is National Donate Life Month!

National Donate Life Month is a public education campaign from Donate Life America that focuses on inspiring and motivating Americans to register as organ, eye and tissue donors. Through the strategic use of social media tactics, celebrations and engagements, community members can share their decision of registering to be a donor. 

When you register as an organ donor hero and have a conversation with your family about it, YOU save lives! You can be a part of this life-saving mission by getting involved with Blue & Green Spirit Week on April 10-16! Included is a calendar of celebrations in which you can participate to help spread Donate Life awareness in your community!

You can also share your blue and green spirit on social media to share your decision to register as a donor and encourage others to register. To register as an organ donor, sign up today at 

What is your name, age, and major?

My name is Melika Karimzadeh and I am a Communications major with an emphasis in Public Relations!

How many years have you been at CSUF?

I have been at CSUF for 4 semesters now, so 2 years! I actually am set to graduate this Spring 2021.

How long have you been part of PRSSA?

I have been a part of PRSSA since Fall 2020 and I am so thankful I finally decided to join!

How did you hear about the organization?

I heard about PRSSA at my first ever class taken at CSUF, Principles of Public Relations with Ken Hagihara. He spoke about it quite a bit and I was hesitant to join so I decided to think about it for a little bit and ask around. After hearing about the amazing opportunities, I finally just took the leap and joined!

What is your favorite part about PRSSA?

My favorite part about PRSSA is that you get to network and connect with so many amazing professionals in the industry. I would’ve never met half of the people I have met or went to any of the panels if it wasn’t for PRSSA. They really just throw you in there and get you started on your career path.

How has PRSSA helped you achieve your academic or professional goals?

PRSSA has helped me tremendously in achieving my academic and professional goals. Without PRSSA I wouldn’t have been able to join Titan Public Relations, which is the student-run public relations firm that connects you with real life clients in order to gain experience. Being able to put something like TPR on my resume has really given me an upper hand when searching for jobs and internships!

What is your favorite social media platform and why?

My favorite social media platform is a three-way tie between Instagram, TikTok, and LinkedIn. Instagram is just a great resource to connect with the world and I do find a lot of information about what’s happening around me on there. TikTok is what’s new and trending so it’s always a great resource for those looking to get into the social media industry. Lastly, I love LinkedIn! After all, where would I be without all the amazing connections and professional mentors that I’ve met on there?

Where do you see your career taking you after graduation?

After graduation, I really hope to pursue a career in the video game or tech industry. I really enjoy the atmosphere and those two things have always played a big role in my life. I hope to work with top companies like Blizzard, Riot, or Kingston Technology. Regardless of where I’m going, I am so thankful for the friends and mentors I was able to meet at CSUF and so happy I decided to go here!

March 12, 2021 ︱By: Cesario Mora

As aspiring PR professionals, we understand that networking is everything. Connections are the ingredients needed for having a successful career. But you can’t just wait for connections to fall on your lap – you must be on the hunt!  So, what is the best way to do this? You have to put yourself out there and get involved – and the sooner the better. Not only does getting involved allow you to create professional relationships, you can also utilize the skills you learned about the PR field in a real-world setting.

For example, you can employ your sweet PR skills by joining one of PRSSA’s committees or Titan Public Relations! Involving yourself will allow you to gain experience, network with others, and apply your PR knowledge in the field. It is so important and refreshing to surround yourself with individuals who are passionate and goal-oriented because it will keep you focused and motivated.

But hey, perhaps you are currently involved in one of CSUF’s many other organizations that do not seem to have a direct relation to PR. Well, you would be surprised how you can still employ those PR skills into practice.

For instance, last year when I transferred to CSUF, I did not know exactly what I wanted to do or which one of the hundreds of clubs to join. I just knew that I wanted to find a place where I could enjoy myself and be a part of something that would help propel my career path. That’s when I found Titan Radio, CSUF’s radio station, at Discoverfest. They pitched to me all the reasons why I should join, but I was hesitant and unsure how this would even coincide with my PR goals. But after being with them for over a year, I am glad I joined because it sharpened the skills I need to thrive in PR.

 Let me tell you the 3 ways how:

 1. Emails! Emails! Emails!

As a current Titan Radio intern, I am constantly sending email pitches to different organizations on campus for possible collaborative events.  And as students of PR, we know that constructing the perfect email that can hold the recipient’s attention is, dare I say, an art form we are constantly trying to perfect.

2. Personal Brand

I took advantage of Titan Radio’s powerful platform by using it to establish my personal brand. Every week for one hour, not only did I play hits that were absolute fire, I used it to showcase my Adobe editing skills. Additionally, I crafted a specific narrative about myself that would appeal to a wide range of audiences.

3. Networking

Through Titan Radio I have met so many passionate people from different backgrounds and majors. I value every professional relationship created, because like I said, we are hungry to make connections in a field where knowing the right people can make all the difference.

In closing, I stress again the importance of getting involved! There are so many opportunities for you to grow and hone your skills, you do not want to let a semester go by without getting involved in anything. Even if you feel like there is no direct PR relation, believe me when I tell you that all roads lead to Rome. And by Rome, I mean PR. Because no matter where you find yourself involved in, you could write social media posts to promote your organization, or network with individuals who are actively involved within it. And you know what that is? That’s PR, baby!

What is your name, age, and major?

My name is Analleli Penaloza, I’m 21 years old, and my major is Business- Marketing.

How many years have you been at CSUF?

Three and a half years.

How long have you been part of PRSSA?

Since Fall 2020.

How did you hear about the organization?

From a friend who was on the Executive Board who encouraged me to join!

What is your favorite part about PRSSA?

The Committees! I’ve learned and developed my personal and professional skills, while also making amazing friendships being part of committees.

What is your favorite social media platform and why?

Instagram- I love exploring, sharing, and seeing unique and funny content on the platform!

Where do you see your career taking you after graduation?

I see myself working as a Senior Marketing Manager at Spotify!

February 1, 2021 ︱By: Elizabeth Williams 

Welcome to Spring 2021! I know right now things can be nerve wracking, especially for our seniors about to graduate, but PRSSA is here for you! We have resources that will help you expand your network, gain hands on experience, and jumpstart your career in PR.

To get started, let’s name a few:

1. Virtual Panels

Each semester PRSSA brings in guest speakers from different relevant industries who share their insights and experiences about PR with our members. After each panel discussion you are able to reach out to the panelists. This is a great way to network and expand your connections within the industry. 

This year, nine PRSSA chapters joined together to form the SoCal Coalition, a partnership where they would share panels and collaborate on networking events with one another.  This means that as a member of CSUF PRSSA, your network is larger than ever before.  You have access to panels from chapters including CSULB, CSULA, Cal Poly Pomona, Biola University, CSU Northridge, San Diego State University, USC and CSUDH

2. Committees

If you are trying to get more involved, committees are a great place to start. They help you network, gain experience, and give you a better understanding of what it takes to be an effective member of the executive board.  

The Digital Communications Committee will help you gain experience in social media, marketing, and website design. Each member dedicates at least one hour per week to learning how to increase content engagement across social media platforms. This committee focuses on content creation, graphic design, photography, and social media engagement. 

The Outreach Committee gives you the opportunity to learn how to pitch and network with different target audiences. This committee focuses on creating blogs, making email pitches, video pitches, and classroom pitches. You will gain experience in public speaking, time management, and networking.

If you love to plan, you can join the Events Committee where you will gain organizational skills and knowledge in using Excel. Since we are currently virtual, you will mainly work on social media campaigns for various platforms like Instagram and Facebook. 

Join the Professional Development Committee if you want to improve on your networking skills, which are essential to every PR practitioner As a member, you will be helping the VP of Professional Development research future panelists and help come up with questions to ask them. 

The Sponsorship & Fundraising Committee will give you a chance to create and execute a professional campaign to gain more donors for PRSSA. This is a perfect opportunity to gain real world experience in dealing with professionals, local businesses, and major companies. 

3. PR Certificate 

By joining PRSSA you have the chance to take a test for the Certificate in Principles in Public Relations. You can take it either 6 months before you graduate or 6 months after you graduate. The certification exhibits your proficiency in social media management, crisis communications, media relations and more.  Additionally, once you have this certificate, you are able to join PRSA, our parent organization,  immediately after graduating. Passing the test means OCPRSA will sponsor your one-year membership into their chapter!

4. Exclusive Internships

Internships are competitive these days, especially during the pandemic.  For California University Fullerton PR students, you need an internship to graduate. To help out, PRSSA has an exclusive internship database that will give you opportunities to apply for internships and some might even be paid. In addition, becoming a member gives you access to PRSSA Nationals Internship & Job Center, which has opportunities from all over and in all fields! 

When you join PRSSA, you get hands on experience and networking opportunities with PR professionals. If you aren’t already a member, don’t let these opportunities pass you by! Take charge of your future and sign up here:

What company did you receive an internship for?  What are they known for?

Grocery Outlet, they are known for their opportunistic buying practices and low prices.

What was your favorite part of the job?

I was in the Marketing department and through my project I got to interact with many different departments like Distribution, Planning and Logistics. The person in HR overseeing the interns set up many group zoom meetings so all of the interns could talk with the executive teams.  She also set up fun games and trivia nights.

Did you feel as though your experience with PRSSA helped prepare you for this internship?  If so, in what way?

Yes, because even though I didn’t do much PR work I was still included in all of the PR meetings with Grocery Outlet. I think being in PRSSA helped prepare me for what PR work is like in the working world.

Would you recommend this internship to other people? Why or why not?

Yes, Grocery Outlet was an amazing place to have an internship. Everyone I interacted with was nice and would answer any and all questions I had. I never had a bad experience working there over my ten weeks. They had many educational meetings to learn all about their business.

How has this internship impacted the trajectory of your future?  Career-wise, where are you headed next?

I’m not sure what is next for me career wise. The internship was an amazing experience and I would recommend it to anyone. It has given me a good look at what a career in marketing or PR would be like and it was a valuable experience.